Travel Tips in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


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  • HCMC Police


  • Tourism Office 7

    08 3855 4270

    ADD : 92, Ham Tu Street, Ward 1, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City


  • Security

    • Travellers tend to be targets not just because of the cameras or money they carry but also due to their unfamiliarity of their surroundings. These circumstances can make you vulnerable and put a bulls-eye on your back for thieves.
    • While the country is assuredly a friendly and safe place to travel, a little common sense and a few precautions can make your trip smooth and trouble-free.
    • Use your camera strap. It might get uncomfortable wearing it in the heat and humidity but it’s easy for a cướp giật (thief on a motorbike) to grab onto your brand new Canon or Nikon DSLR and drive away.
    • Use your front pockets. The back pocket of your shorts or trousers is an easy mark for any experienced pick pocket. Even better, use a money belt!
    • Put your stuff away. Most thefts experienced by travellers are crimes of opportunity and leaving your iPad orcredit cards out is a big welcome sign for a thief. If your luggage has a lock, use it.
    • Put away your jewellery. Thieves on motorbikes love necklaces as they are easy to grab and small enough to pocket afterwards.
    • While walking in the city, wear your bag across your shoulder. Also, switch the bag to the inside of the sidewalk to make it harder for a would-be thief.
    • When checking Google Maps on your iPhone or other smartphone, hold it with two hands!
    • I know there is supposed to only be 5 but I just saw #6 happen to someone so I had to add it in! We hope these tips help make your trip to Vietnam as safe as can be and hope these tips can keep your trip as enjoyable as possible.

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