Getting Around in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


  • City Bus

    The bus system in Ho Chi Minh City covers most tourism destinations within and nearby the city with 152 routes. Buses in Ho Chi Minh City can be realized by the white cover with a light green strip. The price for bus ticket fluctuates between 5,000 and 6,000 VND, depending on the distances and the type of buses.

    Buses in Ho Chi Minh city might not be as crowded as those in Hanoi, but the problem is the quality of the cars and degrading services. Moreover, the distances between the bus stops and tourist destinations are pretty far, aggravated by the long time it takes to wait for a bus. That makes this type of public transportation not the best choice to explore the city. Also, Ho Chi Minh City Bus are often named by the beginning and end points, so check your bus number carefully before getting on it.

    Most buses in Ho Chi Minh City have their terminal at some major depots like Ben Thanh Station, Cho Lon Station and Mien Dong station.


  • Ben Thanh Taxi

    (3842 2422)

    At the more expensive end of available transport options in Saigon is the taxi.

    But if it is the rainy season, or you are worried about road safety or have mobility problems, then the Taxi is the safest and most comfortable option.

    Not to mention that by Western Standards the Taxi is still reasonable cheap, with taxi fairs starting at about 12,000 or 14,000 dong.

    Not to mention that many of the places you will want to visit during your stay are also in District 1, which means that you should be able to get to most place for around 60,000dong or less.

    If you are traveling from the airport to the tourist area in Pham Ngu Lao, or vise versa, it should cost you around 100,000 dong, give or take 20,000 dong.

  • Mai Linh Taxi

    (3822 6666)

  • Saigon Taxi

    (3823 2323)

  • Vina Taxi

    (3811 1111)

  • Vinasun Taxi

    (3827 7178)

Car Rental

  • VN Rent A Car

    096 405 89 78

    The first thing that you have to be aware of is the quality of the car that you rent. Rental cars were used many times by many unprofessional drivers with the thought that “That is not my properties so I don’t have to take care of it carefully”. Therefore, checking the car conditions before renting it is essential for you to avoid accidents or unexpected dramas. Also, spending time to come to showroom of the agencies to find your best match is highly recommended.

    One more thing you have to be aware of is the traffic in Vietnam. The fact is that the traffic system in Vietnam is very complicated which can intimidates even the most skillful and careful drivers. Therefore, driving a car in Vietnam can be extremely challenging.

    To make the matter worse, the buzz of motorbikes, and other cars, with an intense level of honking can make the experience more stressful than it should. If you don’t feel confident in your driving skills, hiring a chauffeur from the agencies is a wise option since many agencies offer drivers with their rental cars. Additionally, the local drivers are familiar and experienced with the locations, so you will reach your desired destinations faster and safer.

    VN Rent A Car offers a wide range of budget, luxury, cheap cars rental or lease in Hochiminh City, Saigon, Hanoi of Vietnam. Our services are including daily, weekly, monthly, long term rental.

    Our drivers are highly trained in driving. We take pride in our drivers who will provide not only safe and skilled driving but are friendly and courteous. In additional, they can share their knowledge about Vietnam with foreigner by their English speaking communication.

    Our fleet consists of a wide range of vehicles from 4 to 45 seats. It includes Sedan, SUV, MPV for individual, family needs or Van, Bus for a large group of passenger…Our vehicles are in well kept condition and maintained regularly. They are comfortable, clean and luxurious. All seats are seatbelts equipped. In additional, we also have limousine, stretch car for VIP or special event needs.


Distance unit
Metric (km/h)
Traffic system
Right-hand drive

Traffic Patterns

International driving permits and U.S. drivers' licenses are not valid in Vietnam. Foreigners renting vehicles risk prosecution and/or imprisonment for driving without a Vietnamese license endorsed for the appropriate vehicle. If you wish to drive in Vietnam, you should contact any office of the Provincial Public Transportation Service of the Vietnamese Department of Communications and Transport to obtain a Vietnamese driver's license. The U.S. Embassy in Hanoi and U.S. Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City cannot assist you in obtaining Vietnamese driver's permits or notarize U.S. drivers' licenses for use in Vietnam.

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