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Dates and timings are in Phuket timezone.*

Rainy Season (May–Oct)

The Andaman rainy season, from May to October, is the most humid period, with thunderstorms occurring more frequently than usual. The temperatures hover around 27ºC to 36ºC (80ºF to 95ºF), with many sunny days, though it is not uncommon for an hour of heavy rainfall to interrupt an otherwise beautiful afternoon. This is also the time to discover Phuket at its most tranquil, before the crowds rush in for the holiday high season, as well as when the island’s forests are at their greenest and waterfalls are running with full force.

Dry Season (Nov–Apr)

The tropical monsoon climate produces three major seasons. The ideal time to visit is November through March, when the milder temperatures and beautiful weather herald the arrival of what the Thais call the ‘Thai winter’. At this time, the weather is temperate and sunny, with plenty of sea breezes and a temperature range of 24ºC to 32ºC (75ºF to 90ºF). April marks the Thai new year, with its water-throwing festival known as Songkran – a welcome respite during the hottest days of the year, where the temperature easily tops 40ºC (105 ºF)!

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