Currency of Phuket, Thailand

Main Currency

Thailand Baht Thailand Baht (THB), symbol: ฿


  • THB
  • USD

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Tips and Advice

Thailand's currency is Baht. Bills come in denominations of 1000, 500, 100, 50 and 20. Coins are 10, 5, 1 and tiny satangs. Satangs are quarter fractions of 1 and are not widely used.

Most international currencies and Travellers Cheques can be exchanged at banks or local moneychangers. Major credit cards are accepted in major establishments as well as at moneychangers. You can get a cash advance on your credit card at most banks and transfer funds into the country, the latter usually taking a few working days. Western Union outlets are relatively common and easy to access.

There are many ATM's throughout the island, usually with optional displays in English. International ATM cards with the Cirrus symbol link may be used at most ATM's, although there may be a hefty transaction fee.

Money Changers

Sorry, no exchanges found.

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