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Dates and timings are in Bangkok timezone.*

Rainy Season (May–Jan)

The ‘Low Season’ in Bangkok occurs between May and October. Hotels and excursions can be discounted as much as half price during this period. Although it is still hot, the city is prone to bouts of rain, which are not ideal if you've come for a beach holiday. However, the threat of rain in Bangkok is well counteracted by the long list of indoor activities including entertainment complexes, shopping, aquariums and temples. Typical characteristics of this monsoon include night rain, torrential 30-minute showers, with occasional clear skies and overcast days with little to no rain.

Dry Season (Nov–Feb)

Summer Season (Mar–May)

Bangkok's hottest time is from March through to May, when temperatures soar as high as 40 degrees. This is when the Thai New Year, Songkran takes place and the country embarks on a three-day water fight. Even though this is Thailand’s summer, the frequent bouts of rain are a welcome relief from the sweltering heat. During the ‘Hot Season’ boat cruises, mall shopping, rooftop bars and lounging by the pool come highly recommended.

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