Bangkok, Thailand Travel guide and tips

The capital of Southeast Asia’s only uncolonised country, Bangkok retains much of its cultural depth. Despite relentless development, Krung Thep (the ‘City of Angels’) keeps true to itself, embracing every onslaught with its mai pen rai (never mind) nonchalance, trademark smile and pervasive sense of the sacred. But it remains so fascinating partly due to its endearing chaos. Accessing Siamese heritage isn’t always straightforward, but the joy is in treating Bangkok as an expedition. In this vast metropolis of over ten million people, the majority of sights lie in the old town nucleus of Phra Nakorn, the preceding capital of Thonburi, Chinatown, Dusit and along the waterways. Yes, there are glorious landmarks, but much of what you’ll remember happens serendipitously en route.

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