Getting Around in Jeju, South Korea

Jeju doesn't have the sophisticated public transportation systems of the mainland; there's no subway system so buses are your only option


  • Bus Network

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    Bus Fares

    The buses are spacious, cheap (W1,000-3,000), and air-conditioned, but lines and stops are few and far between and the schedule is complicated and only in Korean—even locals have trouble figuring it out. It is possible for the traveler on a shoestring budget to get around the island solely by bus, but it will take some patience and a willingness to ask for directions. The Airport Limousine bus is quick and convenient but it only makes a few stops from Jeju City to Seogwipo.

    Operating Hours

    1) East Belt Line (Jeju↔성산↔Seogwi)

    First bus 05:40, Last bus 21:00/ Intervals 20m

    2) West Belt Line (Jeju↔Gosan↔Seogwi)

    First bus 05:40, Last bus 21:00/ Intervals 20m

    3) 5.16 Road (Jeju↔Sungpanak↔Seogwi)

    First bus 06:00, Last bus 21:30/ Intervals 15m

    4) Jungmun Express Way (Jeju↔Jungmun↔Seogwi)

    First bus 06:00, Last bus 21:40/ Intervals 10m

    5) East Tour Line (Byunyoungro) (Jeju↔Seong-eup↔Folk Village)

    First bus 06:10, Last bus 21:30/ Intervals 20m

    6) Namjoro (Jeju↔Namwon↔Seogwi)

    First bus 06:00, Last bus 21:20/ Intervals 20m

    7) West Tour Line(Pyunghwaro) (Jeju↔Hwajeonmaeul↔Moseulpo)

    First bus 06:00, Last bus 21:25/ Intervals 15m

    8) 1100 Road (Jeju↔Youngsil↔Jungmun Triangular Road)

    First bus 06:30, Last bus 16:00/ Intervals 60~90m

    9) Airport Limousine Bus (Jeju Airport↔Jungmun Tour Complex↔Seogwipo KAL Hotel)

    First bus 06:20, Last bus 22:00/ Intervals 15m

    10) Sungsan-Jeju terminal

    First bus 06:25, Last bus 20:35/ Intervals 1hour


  • JeJu Global Taxi

    1899 4314 or 010 246

  • Cheju Deluxe Call Taxi

    7510 888

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Traffic Patterns

Signs for tourist sites are written in three languages (English, Chinese, Korean )in Cheju and other parts of South Korea. Also, the whole of Cheju is divided into clearly maked expressways and roads. So it's pretty easy to drive around here. Just take note that the signs for minor roads are only written in Hangul though, so ask for directions in broken Korean if you have to..


The best way to travel around Jeju-do is by car. It cost 70,000 won per day, for a top-of-the range 2.0 l automatic Sonata with an in-car navigation system, which not only guides you to every location, but also warns you about approaching speed limits and police cameras.

This is very necessary on Jeju-do, where the maximum speed limit is 80kph, but in most places only 60kph or 50kph. The police cameras are often placed at the bottom of a hill, just after the speed limit has inexplicably changed from 80kph to 50kph.The major car rental firms have desks inside the airport; the others operate from minibuses in the airport car park. If you don't have a Korean license, you need an international one. Driving outside of Jeju city is a real pleasure, as there is very little traffic on the country roads.

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