Things to do in Davao, Philippines

Night Life

  • The Blue Room Jazz Bar 1

    The Blue Room Jazz Bar

    The Apo View Hotel, J. Camus Stree, Davao City, 8000, Davao del Sur, Philippin

    A great place to relax, the ‘Blue Room’ has live jazz musicians playing each evening. Cocktails are served, and visitors can enjoy dining on buffet-style food in its Entrée eaterie. The Blue Room Jazz Bar is located within the Apo View Hotel.

  • De Boerderij 2

    De Boerderij

    DBC Building-H, 106-c Gen. Douglas MacArthur Hwy, Dabaw 8000, Philippin

    Good local bar and hang out spot. Foreigner haunt with cool owner and cheap drinks. They supply western stocks and get some meat from swiss deli.

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