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  • Cebu Jeepneys

    Do as the locals do and catch a colorful jeepney. Unfortunately, there are no websites or literature describing where they go. You can either figure out their routes from destinations printed on the side of the jeepney or ask others for help. They are available 24 hours and cover most of the city. Fares cost ₱8 if traveling between points within Cebu City and more if going to Mandaue City or Lapu-Lapu.

    You can board a jeepney when it's parked at a stop or by flagging one down as they drive past. You can pay the driver or conductor when you alight. If the fare collector is far away, you can pass your money to other passengers and ask him/her to pass it to the collector. Don't be afraid of asking other passengers to do this as this is part of jeepeney etiquette. As such, you are expected to help other passengers pass money.

    When nearing your stop, you simply tap a coin on the metallic railing on the roof, knock on the roof with ur knuckles, or say "lugar lang" or "para" to ask the driver to stop. You should not ride a jeepney unless you know how your destination looks like.

    Remember never to stick any body parts outside the jeepney and watch for pickpockets.



    (032) 255 1319

    All in all, Cebuano taxi drivers are a gentler breed than their Manila counterparts. Unless a big ship has just docked, or it's serious festival time, catching a taxi in Cebu City couldn't be easier. Flagfall is P30 and then P2.5 for each additional 300m. Most drivers really will stick to the metered price for anything other than the airport or out-of-town destinations. And before you suspect your driver of taking the long way around, remember there's a huge number of one-way streets here, especially in the downtown area.

    Around the uptown and downtown areas, P30 to P50 is a typical, fair fare. To reach fringe areas such as Lahug it can cost up to P80. If you want to see all the sights, touring in a taxi for a day is a perfectly sensible way to do it - and it's definitely cheaper than hiring your own car. The usual negotiated price is around P1000 for a day.

    For many out-of-town destinations, taxis will fix a price that may seem way above what the meter would give. This is to cover petrol and the return drive for which the driver may not get a fare. So it often makes more sense to ask your driver to wait and negotiate a return fare - it may be no dearer than a one-way trip.


    (032) 2536637


    (32) 238 0307


    (32) 414 6449


    (032) 345 0861

Car Rental

  • Avis Rent-A-Car


    Unlike Manila, Cebu is a place where do-it-yourself driving is feasible, though it's neither cheap nor common. Local car-hire companies generally charge around P2500 for 24 hours (no petrol included), with special deals for longer periods.

    More common is to get a car with a driver, all petrol included. It's about P1000 for the first three hours, then around P250 per succeeding hour. Cheaper still is striking a deal directly with a taxi driver.


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    • its nationwide network which enables clients to make a reservation in one location and use the vehicle in another location.

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Whether you’ll be driving your own or just have a car for rent in Cebu or van, take note of these following tips on driving safely in Cebu City.

Buckle up. Put your seatbelt on for protection.

Get enough sleep and eat something before you go.

Pull over and take breaks every couple of hours, even if you don’t feel sleepy.

If you’re driving alone, turn on the radio or put on some music. If possible, share the driving responsibilities with someone else.

If you have to pull over, move your vehicle off the road and never park on the shoulder except for an emergency.

Never use your mobile phone while driving. It’s usually safest to use a hands-free device.

Never drink any alcohol before your trip.

Bring detailed map of Cebu City or be sure to have a mapping app on your smartphone.

Know the local rules mandated in Cebu City, such as traffic laws, anti smoke belching, travel lines, towing areas, etc.

Always read road signs and symbols.

If you are driving a hired car or van, familiarize yourself with the hired car or van and all of its equipment, such ashorn, brakes, and hazard lights.

Check the car or van’s condition. Follow the acronym BLOWBAG (Brakes, Lights, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, Gas).

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