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Dates and timings are in Bagan timezone.*

Summer Season (Feb–May)

The very best months to visit Burma are from November to February however this is also the busiest time when securing accommodation can become problematic.

Bagan enjoys a dry climate throughout most of the year. Average temperature during the summer months (April to September) is around 32 degrees, and around 28 degrees the rest of the year

Bagan lies in the middle of the "dry zone" of Burma, the region roughly between Shwebo in the north and Pyay in the south. Unlike the coastal regions of the country which receive annual monsoon rainfalls exceeding 2500 mm, the dry zone gets little precipitation as it is sheltered from the rain by the Rakhine Yoma mountain range in the west. The average temperatures at Bagan exceed 30°C year round, and over 35°C in summer months of late February to mid May.

Winter Season (Nov–Jan)

For the coolest temperatures and cloud-free skies, November to January is the best bet, but this is peak season. Not only are rooms going to be hard to find and more expensive, but Bagan will be heaving with crowds.

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