Getting Around in Bagan, Myanmar

In the places you can openly visit in Bagan, travel methods are remarkably open to visitors. No set itineraries are required and you can pick and choose how you go as you go. Local transport also comes ped-powdered, often with trishaws and horse carts greeting you for rides around town, and rental bikes awaiting you at nearly all accommodation.


  • Loyal taxi services

    We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on holidays and closing days. A support call center is always ready to take your call. As for our drivers, they are the best in the business. They receive regular training and courses to ensure the safety of our passengers.

Car Rental

  • Shan Yoma Travel & Tours

    Shan Yoma Travel & Tours offers personalized services catering to every individual. You can rent a private air-conditioned taxi for 35,000 kyats for a day and 20,000 kyats for half a day (Nov 2013). If you just spend some buck, you will find renting a car for your trip the most convenient and handy way of traveling around if you feel like to do it.


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Right-hand drive


Rent a car with driver : This is the best for the marathon option of getting to the five-part tour mentioned above and attainable in two days. It is also dust and dirt (although you still have to take off your shoes and socks) but definitely sweat and sunburn free at a price of US$35 per day per car (fare can be split to a maximum of 4 passengers).



You can rent a horse cart with a driver for around 10000 - 15000 Kyats (May 2013) for a full day. The horse carts are slow, shaky, bumpy, and not exactly the most comfortable mode of transportation. Passengers are however sheltered from both sun and rain, so that's a huge plus in hot and wet Myanmar. Still, a half-day is best recommended. Cars are private owned but they have to be government accredited as indicated by a big sticker approval on the door of the car. Of course, the government has a cut on this. The rental office is on the tourist information office (i) at New Bagan township.


E-bikes (electric bicycles) are available from many shops in town from 6,000-8,000 kyats. You may get a better deal on a multi-day rental. These are a good option if you want to cover more distance or carry heavy gear like a camera, which is not necessarily pleasant on a pedal bike. It's also a good way to get out to sunrise and sunset spots. Quality and speed of e-bikes can vary greatly. Ask to test the bike before renting and pay close attention to brakes, current charge and whether or not the bike has a functioning headlight. The shop next to May Kha Lar Guesthouse has the fastest e-bikes.


For a few dollars a day you can rent a bike. Cycling can be a pleasant way to get around the local area, riding from temple to temple along the generally flat paths. You will need to be fairly fit and remember to make sure you have plenty of water. Cycling in the heat can be very energy sapping; early morning or late afternoon is the best times to explore on a bike. There are plenty of places to hire bikes, but make sure you hunt around for a place with bikes in good condition

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