Travel Tips in Penang, Malaysia


Cellphone Bands
GSM 900, GSM 1800
V ( Hz)
Power Outlet Types

US 2-pin and 3-pin images from Wikipedia (Creative Commons 3.0)


  • Ambulance

    999 / 04-229 3333

  • Police

    999 / 04-222 1522

  • Fire Brigade

    994 / 04-282 5544


  • Be aware pick-pocketing

    Penang is generally considered a safe travel destination and crimes against tourists are uncommon. There are incidents of petty crime however, particularly in areas that are popular with tourists and at major transportation centres including the airport and bus terminals. Purse-snatching and pick-pocketing are the most frequently-reported occurrences.

    It's recommended that you exercise normal safety precautions such as avoiding walking alone after dark and keeping valuable items concealed. It's also recommended that you use your hotel safe to store important travel documents, large amounts of cash and expensive jewellery.

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