Getting Around in Penang, Malaysia


  • Rapid Penang

    The local bus service, features new buses. All bus stations and bus stops which are serviced by the RapidPenang buses are labeled with proper signboards to ensure user-friendliness.


  • Penang Taxis

    You can easily find taxis congregating at major shopping malls, the airport and bus terminals. Apart from these places, it may be quite difficult to hail a taxi in Penang.

    What number to call a Taxi in Penang

    1. Aswan Taxi: 04 210 8211
    2. BJ Radio Taxi: 04 643 0161 & 012 572 6487
    3. CT Radio Taxi: 04 229 9467
    4. Georgetown Taxi: 04 229 9467, 04 261 7098
    5. Jade Auto Company: 04 226 3015
    6. JRI Taxi: 04 229 0501
    7. MCI Taxi: 04 264 5534
    8. Penang Taxi Drivers Association: 04 262 5721
    9. Sunshine Radio Taxi: 04 642 5961
    10. Super Radio Taxi Service Center: 04 281 8766, 04 282 8753
    11. Taxi Drivers Association: 04 262 5721
    12. Teksi Seberang Perai Selatan: 04 593 1151

    Types of Taxi in Penang

    There are two types of taxi on Penang streets. The regular (or "budget") taxi has a red body with some white to the livery, while the premium (or "executive") taxi is blue in colour. You will have more luck getting the blue taxis to go by the meter, with flag off at RM6 followed by RM2 for every kilometer. These blue taxis can also take you long distance across the border into Thailand and Singapore.

    The red-colour "budget" taxis are the ones you will find waiting for customers at taxi stands of shopping malls. Always choose a taxi that is willing to use the meter. You will find a sticker on their door saying that the taxi uses the meter. Please remind that despite the sticker, most taxi drivers refuse to use the meter. Just have to threaten to report them, or take a different taxi. Always remember to check that they switch on their meter before the journey starts.

    If you can't find any willing to use the meter, then your only other option is to negotiate the fare before climbing on board. Most taxis have fixed fare from point to point within George Town, and people who are familiar with taking taxis in the city will know the charges. Hence even if you ask a few taxis, you will get the same price. Most taxi drivers agree to honor this rate, though it is possible that you may find unscrupulous drivers who will fleece foreigners.

    By shopping around, you will get familiar with street rates quoted by different drivers.


Distance unit
Metric (km/h)
Traffic system
Left-hand drive


Penang Island has quite a number of one-way streets and narrow roads. Many Penangites ride motorbikes and quite many of them have disregard for pedestrians, cars, and even their own lives, so you must be very careful when driving on the roads. Avoid driving during the rush hours between 7:30-9:30AM and 5:30-7:30PM. Motorcycle riders can be undisciplined and tourists should be extra vigilant of them.

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