Shopping in Tokyo, Japan


  • Ameyoko Shopping Street

    Ameyoko Shopping Street is a must do for those who wish to discover more the life styles of the Japanese.


  • kimono rental

    Easy to experience the traditional culture of Japan.Visit the Imperial Palace Gardens, Tokyo Station, Tsukiji, Kabukiza and other nearby top sights! When you wear a kimono, even Japanese people body and soul? Let's enjoy shopping and go far walk in Ginza. Choose your favorite kimono from the vast selection at the gallery, then let the professional staff dress you and arrange your hair to match your outfit! After this, you are free to explore Ginza or other areas while dressed in the height of Japanese fashion. Please return the kimono and ornaments after enjoying your stroll around luxurious and fashionable Ginza. No doubt that become memories. Total cost JPY6,480 per person. Very good value!

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