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Dates and timings are in Yogyakarta timezone.*

Rainy Season (Oct–Jun)

From October till June Yogyakarta receives a wet season. During this season the average high in the city stands around 31°C while the low stands just at 22°C. December and the first month of the year are the wettest months when the city gets more than 350mm of rainfall on average. However as the season progresses the level of excessive rainfall reduces gradually as June sees only 80mm of precipitation. January gets very poor level of sunshine; not more than three hours per day.

Summer Season (Jul–Sep)

Dry season in Yogyakarta comes for a very short period, July till September. During summer weather in the city remains hotter and humid with the average high of 33°C while the low stands at mid twenties. In fact, temperature does not vary from season to season in the city. Although rainfall is not common during this period in the city, still it receives around 20-30mm of rainfall per summer month. It is considered as the best time to travel this awesome Indonesian city.

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