Festivals in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • The Parade 5

    • 3 Jan 2014–5 Jan 2014

    The Parade 5 "Deep Root En Route" is the distro and clothing exhibition event which also featured musical performances as well as the community. A total of 57 brands from all over Indonesia cloting label would be presented in this annual expo. Musical performances will be enlivened by famous bands like: Sore, The Sigit, Shaggy Dog, Komunal, Captain Jack, FSTVLST, and others. Various communities also participated, including: Tamiya, Lowride, Magic Finger Syndicate, Skateboard, and many more.

  • Jogja Fashion Festival (JFF) 2014

    • 6 Mar 2014–8 Mar 2014

    Jogja Fashion Festival (JFF) is an annual runaway event which held by Plaza Ambarrukmo to celebrate their anniversary.

    This event will be followed by 65 designers from Jogja and Central Java.

    Titled "Glamournation: Identity", JFF is expected to present the celebration of a lifestyle which full of luxury, grandeur and prestige.

    With this fashion event Plaza Ambarrukmo not only become a fashion trend setter but can play role and contribute to the development of fashion, especially Jogja to be more shining in the global fashion arena.

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