Getting Around in Jakarta, Indonesia

There are plenty of kinds of transportation in Jakarta, namely the busway, train, waterways, air, taxi, rental cars…. With nearly 10 million vehicles in daily use and no rapid transit system, Jakarta is strained by transportation problems. Therefore, it is advisable for you to choose the appropriate one when travelling.


  • The Transjakarta Busway

    - The Transjakarta Busway (in Indonesian known as buswayor TJ) is modern, air-conditioned and generally comfortable, although sometimes service can be spotty (they have a knack of going to the depot for service and refueling at the same time during the rush hours).

    - Do note that the bus service is quite unreliable resulting in waiting time for a bus up to 1 hour especially during rush hours. There are twelve lines operational as of mid-February 2013.

    - Transfers between lines are free

    - You should be careful not to exit the system until your journey is completed.

    - The hub at Harmoni station is the busiest interchange. The buses can get very crowded, especially during rush hours at 7AM and 4PM, when office workers are on the move.

    - Buses run from 5AM-10PM daily. Tickets cost a flat Rp 2,000 before 7AM, and Rp 3,500 after.


  • The Blue Bird group

    +62 21 79171234

    - Most visitors prefer to travel by taxi, which is cheap and occasionally even fast. There are a multitude of taxi companies of varying degrees of dependability.

    - Taxis are widely available and usually easily hailed off the street.

    - Weekday peak hour (generally about 4:30-8:00PM).

    - Fares depend on the company. To Bluebird Group, the fares are Rp 6,000 flagfall (including the first kilometer) and Rp 300 for every subsequent 100 meters or minute stuck in traffic.

  • Express Group

    +62 21 26509000

    - Metered fares of Express Group are slightly cheaper at Rp 5,000 flagfall (including the first kilometer)and Rp 250 for every subsequent 100 meters or minute stuck in traffic.

Car Rental

  • Jakartacarrental

    +62 21 68432778

    - Rental cars are available

    - Unless you are familiar with local traffic, it is advisable for you to take buses or taxis. Because of the no-rules traffic in some peak hours.

    - If you do decide to drive by yourself or having a driver in Jakarta, please remember that there is a 3-in-1 system implemented in some of the main roads in the morning from 7.00-10AM and in the afternoon from 4.30-7 PM, this requires a car to have a minimum of three occupants


Distance unit
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Traffic system
Left-hand drive

Traffic Patterns





- One type of transportation equivalent to Thailand's tuk-tuk is the bajaj (pronounced "bahdge-eye"), orange mutant scooters souped up in India into tricycles that carry passengers in a small cabin at the back.

- There are no set prices, but a short hop of a few city blocks shouldn't cost much more than Rp 5,000. Be sure to agree to (read: haggle) a price before you set off.


- Jakarta's ojek services consist of guys with bikes lounging around street corners, who usually shuttle short distances down alleys and roads but will also do longer trips for a price.

- Agreeing the fare before you start your journey.

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