Getting Around in Bali, Indonesia

The traffic in general is not congested. Drivers are usually friendly, and will stop to let pedestrains cross the roads. In general, make sure you give enough tips to the taxi drivers. Many of the public transportation methods require cash payments.


  • Bus & Tram

    Distances in Bali and on Lombok are relatively short, so you won"t have cause to ride many large buses unless you are transferring between islands or going from one side to another.

  • Public Bus

    Larger minibuses and full-size buses ply the longer routes, particularly on routes linking Denpasar, Singaraja and Gilimanuk. They operate out of the same terminals as the bemo. Buses are faster than bemo because they don"t make as many stops along the way, however with more and more locals riding their own motorbikes, there have been reports of looong delays waiting for busses to fill up at terminals before departing.


  • General


    Although all taxis are metered, some drivers do not carry either coins or small notes, or may not be able to locate them when required.

Car Rental


Distance unit
Metric (km/h)
Traffic system
Left-hand drive

Traffic Patterns

Transportation in Bali comes in plenty of flavors, some more tourist-friendly than the others. If you're not relying on your hotel to get you around - not that there's anything wrong with that - you can get around town on foot, on rented bike or motorbike, or via bemo.

If you're seeking to go between towns, you can catch a ride on a public bemo, a public bus, or charter a private bemo, a taxi, a car/driver rental package, or rent a car to drive.

Due to its large and spottily-regulated tourist industry, Bali hosts an endless number of short- and long-distance transport entrepreneurs, each jostling to get your business. Some of them are honest brokers, some are… not. Follow our tips to ensure you don't get ripped off by unscrupulous Bali transportation providers.


Don't drive yourself - get a car with driver instead. If you're planning to get around the island by yourself, you might be tempted to hire a self-drive car in Bali (especially if you meet the requirements). But if you value your life, do not drive your own way. Rent a car with a driver instead; the prices are not that much more expensive, and you can relax while the driver uses his intimate knowledge of the road to get you around. Under no circumstances should you rent a self-drive motorcycle, if you want to get out of Bali in one piece.

Speed Limits

  • 90 km/h

    Limit for highways in general. If you are caught driving higher than this speed, be prepared to face a court fine.

  • 20 km/h

    Limit for small roads. This is a very strict limit that everyone must obey and not exceed.


There are tolls everywhere you go. So please ensure you always have enough spare cash with you.



Dokar is a two wheels cart pulled by a horse. The capacity of the passengers is maximum five (small) persons.

In the past, the dokar was traditional transportation that was very popular among the students, teachers, lecturers, even the rich and the nobles liked to get on this vehicle. It was because there was no mechanised transportation. The cabman of the dokar needs special abilities because not all people can control the running horse so the horse willing to follow the instruction and go wherever the cabman wants. There is also special relationship between the horse and the cabman.


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