Travel Tips in Hong Kong, China


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  • Beware of pickpockets

    Be extra careful of your belongings when you are in a crowded place. Pickpockets could be around you to lay their hands on your things. They could even work in teams or use vehicles to thug you. Keep vigil.

  • Bait and Switch

    Never buy products, particularly electronics, which don't have marked prices. They could offer a product at very good rates, pocket money from you and then say that the stock has finished. Then they would offer you another item with big price.

  • Drinking Water

    Tap water in Hong Kong meets the standards set by the UN. However, it would be advisable to purchase branded bottled water for drinking.

  • Watch for stairs

    Stairs in Hong Kong are not as high as those found in the US or Europe. So be careful while climbing up or down the stairs.

  • Paying for Taxi

    As everywhere, some taxi-drivers in Hong Kong are wolves too. They do all sorts of things to extract more money from the passengers. You must look at the per kilometer charge and luggage charge chart posted inside the taxi. Take a receipt from the driver when you give money. If they are unwilling to provide you a receipt, note down the license number.

  • Carry Your Passport

    Hong Kong Law requires everyone to carry passport or HK I-card. The police could stop anyone and ask for the card. If you not have one, you could land in trouble.

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