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Wonderful Things To See In Mu Cang Chai

Wonderful Things To See In Mu Cang Chai

What to see in Mu Cang Chai

1. Che Cu Nha (village)

Che Cu Nha Village is a beautiful village that captures people's souls at the first sight. The yelowish green terrace rice with moutain backdrop makes Che Cu Nha the prettiest village in Viet Nam. To get to Che Cu Nha, you need to catch a bus (small bus/direction "Nghia Lo" or "Nha Ba Kim" etc) at Mu Cang Chai town. Then, get it off at a point of 5.5km from Mu Can Chai town on NR.32 and go up a steep slope at left side of the road about 2 km(very steep like a downhill course in ski piste). Afterwards, you will reach to Che Cu Nha with an unblievably stunning view.

Wonderful Things To See In Mu Cang Chai

Photo by talkvietnam

2. Ze Xu Phinh (village)

Ze Xu Phinh village is irrefutably the most beautiful rural area in Viet Nam. Open views of the place with the massive mountains in distance and endless lines of terrace rice are some of the most impressive in Mu Cang Chai.

To get to Ze Xu Phinh, you must get on a bus (small bus/direction "Nghia Lo" or "Nga Ba kim" etc) at Mu Cang Chai town and get it off at a point of 17km from Mu Can Chai town(=1 km before Nga Ba Kim town) on NR.32 then cross a river beside of NR.32 and go up a gentle slope about 3 km. At the end, Ze Xu Phinh village will be in front of you.

Wonderful Things To See In Mu Cang ChaiPhoto by Nguyen Anh Tuan

What to bring when traveling to Mu Cang Chai

  • Don't forget to bring warm clothing as it can turns cold unexpectedly.
  • Remember to bring neccessary stuff as hats, sun protection cream, medicine, Insects and mosquito repellents products.
  • Driving license.

Wonderful Things To See In Mu Cang ChaiPhoto by Nguyen Anh Tuan

Suggested Itinerary in Mu Cang Chai- Motorbike trip


If you want to explore Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi with our local experts, join Mu Cang Chai Motorbike tour

If you depart from Sapa (Lao Cai), Sapa- Mu Cang Chai Motorbike tour is great choice. Unique and fun.

Motorbike Mu Cang Chai Tour

20 Pham Hung , Tu Liem , Ha Noi , Viet Nam
Opening time: 06:00 AM - 18:00 PM

This Vietnam Motorbike Mu Cang Chai Tour gives you a best chance to discover the Vietnam Rice Terrace as well as warmly locals, enjoy the breathtaking stunning landscapes & never fail to impress, whatever the season. This motorbike tour save your health, time & cost, it is also a good choice for the experienced riders, whose are in love with two wheels but not having weeks to ride along the country. ..

Combining Mu Cang Chai trip with another destination

You can take a long days trip contemplating rice-fields in the harvest in Sapa and Mu Cang Chai. This trip might last for 4-6 days. There are three place in the north of Vietnam that has gorgeous terraced fields for tourists to contemplate and photograph; Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang).

Are you going to visit Mu Cang Chai? Look at these suggestions:

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What To See In Mu Cang Chai

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