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Where To Enjoy Live Music In Hoi An

Where To Enjoy Live Music In Hoi An

Hoi An is an peaceful place to travel and harvest a bunch of interestingly memorable experiences. Especially, visitors can have a chance to sip a cup of coffee while enjoying the atmosphere filled with music. The places listed below are enjoyable suggestions for anyone to try.

1. An Bang Beach

An Bang, a beautifully tranquil beach in Hoi An, is first ranked on this list. Sightseers can participate in a warming live music party by heading to the Soul Kitchen. Those events are organized every night of a week. The beach becomes more bustling particularly in the weekend. Hence, don’t hesitate to book a ticket to come and enjoy the show of sounds in An Bang Beach. It will definitely bring you the most unforgettable experience in your lifetime.

Where To Enjoy Live Music In Hoi An
Photo by lutzprep.wordpress

2. Belleville

Belleville is another choice if the visitors want to hang around ancient corners of Hoi An. Laying nearly in the heart of Faifo (40 Nguyen Phuc Tan Street, An Hoi islet, Hoi An), Belleille attracts a lot of people to come and share the their common view of music. This site is well set up with a plenty of comfortable lounge chairs and diversified drink menu to serve guests. All the information and upcoming events at Belleville are easily followed in its fanpage:

Where To Enjoy Live Music In Hoi An
Photo by Belleville Hoi An

3. Que Nha Coffee

If you are a fan of simplicity, the stylish Que Nha Coffee is the most perfect choice. It is under the management of a famous Vietnamese singer’s brother, Anh Tuyet. The place is simply decorated in a very traditional atmosphere. On 8p.m every Tuesday and Thursday, customers will be served a series of classical melodies and good beverages. Furthermore, Que Nha Coffee is an ideal spot for everyone who are fond of singing to become an artist in their own way. Visitors can come in the morning or afternoon to prepare for their show. Que Nha always welcome amateur singers, regardless of their identities.

Where To Enjoy Live Music In Hoi An
Photo by Cafe Que Nha

4. Guitar Da Nang

Another location, at 3 Phan Chau Trinh Street, Guitar Da Nang offers great Vietnamese live bands where you can discover more about the local taste of music. Its customers are mainly groups of foreigners and younger who interests in eventful music style.

Guitar Hawaii coffee is always looking for renovation to erase the feeling of boredom. The artists in Guitare Hawaii will surely make your day with their excellent performances.

Where To Enjoy Live Music In Hoi An
Photo by Thanhthao Le

The list is continuously updated to serve customers’ changing taste of music. And we always do our best to find the most suitable for your favour. Don’t wonder any more. Follow your heart, pack your backpack, come to visit those places and you will never forget this noteworthy journey.


My name’s Catherine, you can call me Kate. I love animals, writing and travelling.I started my Asian journey since 2003; and I have been nearly 20 countries so far. The more I go, the more I fall in love with this incredible continent. It has a unique beauty and distinctive culture that never fully explored. This’s why there are many countries I still keep coming back over and over again. I’m here to share with you my fun, sad or even scared memory on my backpacking trails. Hope it works on you!

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