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Top Cheapest Shopping Places In Singapore

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In Singapore

A sad truth for shopping lovers is that everything is tooooo expensive in Singapore. I will be definitely not surprised when you get back home with nothing except from some small cheap things after a shopping day. If you are looking for a place to spend your hard earned money, this article with the top cheapest shopping places will brighten your day

1. Scape

To lead the list, Scape is what you shouldn't miss for unique items at inexpensive cost. In the past, the weekend flea market was held here before moving to Lucky plaza but Scape is not only about the flea market, it offers a wide range of clothing, accessory and make-up from fashion bloggers. Don't be surprised if you find some dresses with the price tag 30 to 40 % cheaper than they are on websites.

The best about that is the Scape underground with even cheaper thrills. It's a small heaven for shopping hikers.

Where :

  • Address: *Scape Underground (2 Orchard Link, s237978)
  • Price Range: $1- $20

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In SingaporePhoto by SCAPE

2. Thrift stores

“There is an award at the end of road” is surely a quote for your shopping journey at Thrift stores.


Because this place is not where you can shout out immediately: “yeahhh, it’s what I’m looking for!”. Ok, you can but later  At thrift stores, you will need patience, passion and time. After a little bit time, your eyes will lighten up discovering a hidden gem in the racks of slightly grotty clothing. I had felt in love with Thrift stores after I bought a dress and necklace at only 4 sgd. I know… sooooo cheap, right?


  • Address: Hi-Thrift Store (1 Geylang Lorong 23, s388352)

New2U Thrift Shop (96 Waterloo Street, s187967)

  • Price Range: 2 sgd – 25 sgd

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In SingaporePhoto by https://racheeng.files.wordpress.com

3. Flea market

At flea market, it’s pretty much easier to win ayour shopping day with some brand clothing as Zara or Topshop from the teenage sellers who build their business from old clothing for extra pocket money. For sure, the flea market a more trendy and cheerful items for your search; however, it’s a little bit higher that Thrift stores. But don’t worry. You get what you pay so the quality is surely better than others.

Flea market is a perfect choice for those looking to a cheap and fashionable outfits.


  • Address: Zouk Flea & Easy, Every 3 months, Sunday 2pm- 7pm (17 Jiak Kim Street, s169420)
  • Flea Party @ Lucky Plaza, Weekends 12pm - 8pm (304 Orchard Road, s238863)
  • Price Range: $5- $20

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In SingaporePhoto by nasrul ekram

4. Sungei Road thieve's market

The name says it all. In the past, this market is where the thieves sell their stolen goods. Now, the market is still available but not in that form anymore. This local market will budget-friendly products speak for itself.

Don’t put high expectation on this market when you search for fashionable clothing. The market is designed for daily stuff and a place to hang out with friends. Remember, hanging out is truly a part of fun here.


  • Address: Thieve's Market, Every day 1pm- 7pm (Sungei Road)
  • Price Range: $1- $10

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In SingaporePhoto by Alawn Koh

5. Bugis street

Located in the center, Bugis street draw a huge attention from shopaholics. Come back with Bugis street, this is one of the most hustling shopping spots in Singapore. A number of hawkers offer a large choice of everything from fashion to cuisine. Not only the local but also tourists do visit the market to shop for souvenirs, cheap clothing, personal goods and FOOD.
One more reason to love Bugis street is that it’s opposite the Bugis junction where I can get inside for a more refreshing atmosphere and fun window shopping.

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In SingaporePhoto by SpirosK photography

  • Address: 3 New Bugis St, Singapore 188867
  • Price range: 3 sgd – 25 sgd

6. Lucky plaza

For shopping inspiration or a few hard-earned day dreams, Lucky plaza is your place. Under the same roof, there are hundreds of stores sell their things at incredible price. My favourite here is chocolate when I can buy as many as chocolate I want with the cheapest price ever, just about 2 sgd for 2 packages of chocolate. And… the taste? It’s sooooo good.
A good news is… both food and fashion are cheap here. With an ideal location near Orchard, Lucky plaza is truly a hub for all shopaholics.


  • Address: Lucky Plaza (304 Orchard Road, s238863)
  • Price Range: 2 sgd – 22 sgd

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In SingaporePhoto by Lucky Plaza - Singapore

7. Far east plaza

Expect to be impressed by a number of unbeatable deals of everything you can think of for putting on your body. At Far east plaza, nothing is impossible. A ring at 3 sgd? A prom dress for 9 sgd? Go ahead! There are hundreds of stuff like that waiting for you to discover.
There are 6 floors out there for your desire of shopping. Never, ever think you will and can visit all of them in one day. It’s such a huge place for people of all ages. Take it easy and slow!

Where :

  • Address: 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213
  • Price Range: 2 sgd – 25 sgd

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In SingaporePhoto by Matthew Yglesias

8. City plaza

Different from other places, City plaza is a wholesale market where many bloggers get here everyday to grab their things for sale online. With city plaza, you now no need to look up the references from those online bloggers. Go with a group of friends, make your way to City plaza and buy as much as you can. City plaza offers incredibly good value-for-money objects.

  • Know what? The more you get, the cheaper they are.
  • Address: City Plaza (810 Geylang Road, s409286)
  • Price Range: 6 sgd – 27sgd

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In SingaporePhoto by Wind.com.my

9. Anchorpoint

Anchorpoint brings to you a wide array of affordable stuff, especially brand products as Cotton on, Charlies and Keith. Products of the past season is sold at 30 up to 70% discount compared with the original price. This means you just need to look further to find a best deal as you can be confused of so many choices at that incredible price.

At Anchorpoint, you will be not fighting for air space amid massive crowds in flea market or Bugis street. Sunglasses and shoes from Charles and Keith are what I prefer to buy in Anchorpoint.

  • Address: Anchorpoint (370 Alexandra Road, s159953)
  • Price Range: 7 sgd – 35 sgd

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In SingaporePhoto by urbanceo

10. The Editor's market

The Editor’s market is where both men and women go for trendy, budget-friendly clothes and accessories. This chic shopping spot of some top designers emerged as the most stylish of the non-brand boutique clothing.

When it comes to fashion, The Editor’s market is where you can’t mess around. It’s hardly to find something you don’t like in this paradise. No matter how many times I get here, there is always something waiting for me to splash money. Such a huge disappointment as I have to talk myself to save money but you know…mission is impossible with these breathtaking designs.

  • Address: Orchard Central
  • Price range: 20 sgd – 50 sgd

Top Cheapest Shopping Places In SingaporePhoto by The Editor's Market

Though Singapore is famous for its costly living standard, there are plenty of choice to see and shop when you are in need. Hopefully, these above suggestion will give you more ideas for spending money in the most ideal way. If you want to add any more budget shopping places in Singapore, don’t mind write down your mind in the comment box below!


My name’s Catherine, you can call me Kate. I love animals, writing and travelling.I started my Asian journey since 2003; and I have been nearly 20 countries so far. The more I go, the more I fall in love with this incredible continent. It has a unique beauty and distinctive culture that never fully explored. This’s why there are many countries I still keep coming back over and over again. I’m here to share with you my fun, sad or even scared memory on my backpacking trails. Hope it works on you!

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