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Top 5 best places for fantastic street food in Ha Noi

Top 5 best places for fantastic street food in Ha Noi

"Street food reigns resume" is what people often talk about the cuisine background in Ha Noi. Ha Noi street food are fresh, fast made and cheap. It's also a great way to crack into the local scene. These inspring places for street food in Ha Noi will help you to see how unique and different the local food is.

1. Dong Xuan market (Đồng xuân market)

Top 5 best places for fantastic street food in Ha Noi

Dong Xuan is the oldest and busiest market in Ha Noi which is famous for a slot canyon of culinary goodies. The market is not big but it leaves a wide space for food stalls standing close to each other in rows with countless options.

Bún ốc (snail rice noodle) leads the top of list. The special thing of this dish is its lightly sweet sour snail broth and the crunch of snail in every bite.

Next is Bún Chả (fish cake noodles). It is a greasy man’s favorite treat for both locals and tourists.Tto make a good broth and meat skewers is not easy because the broth has a unique sweet sour taste naturally extracted from dracontomelon fruits. It is totally worth a try!

street food scientists in Ha Noi always have their own ways to satisfy all foodies. This is sort of noodles with a sweet and sour soup of pork and fish sauce. These bowls of noodles are served with deftly sprinkled handful of fried onion, lean pork, bean sprouts and peanuts.

Above is just some of the most delightfully flavorful and pleasingly textural items for food in Ha Noi. If you want to discover more, make your way to Dong Xuan market right away!

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2. Nghia Tan market (Nghĩa Tân market)

Top 5 best places for fantastic street food in Ha Noi

As Nghia Tan market is located nearby several universities and colleges, it has a wide range of amusing food at student price. This is why there are flocks of locals and tourists visiting Nghia Tan everyday to be fond of filling their stomach.

What makes people love Nghia Tan food most is its Bánh mì chảo (Pan Bread). It's special right from its name. The food is a combination of fried egg, sausage , beefsteak , french fries and sauce in a pan. There are 5 stalls selling pan bread with different quality. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy, follow the local.

Tào Phớ ( Sweet jelly tofu) can be found just a few steps right after you enter the market. This dish is a great choice for dessert after a tour around the market. Tao Pho is uniquely profound here with only 6,000 VND.

When you are getting in Nghia Tan market, it's hard to walk through a long lines of foods all calling your name

3. Thanh Cong Market

It would be a mistake if Thanh Cong Market is not mentioned. Thanh Cong is a little treasure for all food lovers with a number of junk food boats on wheels. When you are in Thanh Cong market, you can easily find all in one place instead of running around to fulfill your belly.

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Top 5 best places for fantastic street food in Ha Noi

Here is a sneak peak to order: Bún đậu, bún chả (fish cake noodles), phở cuốn (rolling pho), cháo (porridge), miến, nộm (salad), cháo trai (oyster porridge), and bunches of sweet dishes like chè (sweet soup), bánh trôi tàu (floating cake sweet soup). The possibility is endless. It's time for you to leave space in stomach to treat yourself in the best ways with all these food goodies.

4. Ngo Sy Lien Market (Ngô Sỹ Liên market)

The market is located in Ba Đinh district (nearby Ha Noi train station). It's city renowned for all kinds of noodles or noodle-related dishes. Vietnameses have more than an obsession with noodles. This is why you can see an endless line of stall selling noodles at all kinds. Ngo Sy Lien market is getting busy from the early morning till dark. The price of all noodle dishes here vary from 20,000 - 35,000 VND. And some other dishes can also be found like bánh giò, quẩy nóng, bánh trôi tàu, mì xào chua ngọt, trứng cút lộn.

If you are ever craving some delicious food from all over Viet Nam, Ngo Si Lien Market is perfect for the heartwarming start.

5. Nam Dong Market (Nam Đồng market)

Nam Dong market is located on Ho Dac Di street, Dong Da district. If you are a sweet addict, this is a place for you. The market is all about sweet soup from Thai sweet soup, Grapefruit sweet soup, taro sweet soup, etc. They are always almost delightful and waiting on the side of the street to be ordered. By observing the smiling faces of those who indulged, they must be quite delicious.

Cháo Lươn (eel porridge) is another specialty in Nam Đồng Market. To many of youm it sounds strange; however, it's hardly to stop eating this food from the first bite.

Every country has an iconic street food delicious and markets are the best places to be indulge in the elegancy and amusement of these foods. Let's take this food into your bucket list to eat like a local.

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