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Top 10 Things To Do In Da Nang That Won't Cost A Cent!

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Nang That Won't Cost A Cent!

Da Nang is country-renowned for its exquiste beaches, fabulous seafood and friendly local people. It results in a large number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Da Nang every year. When you are in Da Nang, there is a decent selection of free things to do.

1. Chessboard peak

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Nang That Won't Cost A Cent!
Photo by s1150.photobucket.com

There is an amusing historical reference about this amazing place. It was told that once upon the time, there were two deities used to play chess on the top of Son Tra Mountain. One day, while playing chess, one of them was so in absorbed in looking the fairies bathing at Tien Sa Beach far away that he lost the game. Over furious, he kicked the chessboard to the sea and got back to Heaven. For that reason, a massive statue of a chessboard and a deity was set to the top on the mountain that we call chessboard peak. Just package and start out to have a great experience of this place.

There is a small path leading to the peak so motorbike riding is the best option for adventurous travellers. Do not be afraid of getting lost because there are signposts along the path.

It will get cooler and fresher when you get closer to the peak. From 700 meters above sea level, you will be surrounded by nothing but the stunning natural settings.
Chessboard peak is a wonderful place to take a general view of Da Nang with the Hai Van Mountain, a huge rainforest and gorgeous beaches far away.

Tour Son Tra Peninsula – Marble Mountain

Đà Nẵng, Vietnam
Opening time: 09:00 AM - 14:30 PM

Journey to travel around the coastal city to visit two famous tourist attraction of the city is Son Tra Peninsula and Marble Mountain will definitely give you a tour of the exciting in limited time.

2. Linh Ung pagoda

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Nang That Won't Cost A Cent!Photo by grandviettour.com

69.7 meters height with 17 stories, the Goddess of Mercy statue in Linh Ung pagoda is the highest Goddess of Mercy statue in Vietnam. Far from that, locals believe that the Goddess of Mercy statue takes care of the fisherman, prays for them and helps them deal with storms as well as prevents heavy weather landing the city. Though Linh Ung pagoda is one of the biggest and the most tourist attractive pagodas in Viet Nam, there is no entrance fee.

Located on the turtle-shape peninsula (Son Tra peninsula), Linh Ung pagoda offers a fantastic view of the sea and the whole city of Da Nang. The original architecture, the huge Goddess of Mercy statue as well as many other statues have been built up the grandiosity of Linh Ung pagoda.

Apart from Goddess of Mercy statue, there are 18 statues of Arhat which inscribe the different emotions of love, hatreds, joy and anger of a person. No matter what the religion are you following, Linh Ung pagoda is where you can look for a rest in your soul and escape from the bustling urban life.

Tour visiting three Linh Ung Pagoda in Da Nang

376 Nguyễn Tri Phương, Hòa Thuận Tây, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam
Opening time: 07:30 AM - 17:00 PM

If you just have a short time to travel in Da Nang but wanna see more, tour visiting three Linh Ung pagoda is the best way to you. You will get an overview of the most experienced and best.

3. Da Nang international fireworks festival

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Nang That Won't Cost A Cent!

Photo by danangfireworks.com

Over 1.5 million US dollars were disbursed for Da Nang international fireworks festival and this is absolutely the most expectant event for both domestic and foreign tourists coming to Da Nang.

This famous event has been held every two year in late April since 2008 and Da Nang has been the host so far. Coinciding with Southern liberation and national reunification day, it becomes more cheerful and imposing to the Vietnamese. This competition draws attention of many nations around the world. If you are in Da Nang at the time of international firework, don’t miss the chance to walk down Bach Dang Street and watch the gorgeous firework performances with your friends and family without paying any fees.

Two nights with the glorious fireworks, a great combination of music and lightings will make your trip to Da Nang more memorable.

Also read: Useful tips for fireworks watching trip in Danang

4. Dragon Bridge

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Nang That Won't Cost A Cent!

Photo by:ivivu.com

Dragon Bridge will make a strong impression on you for sure!

Inaugurated in the 38th anniversary of the city’s liberation day, Dragon bridge is a new pride of local residents for its unique and brilliant architecture with a grant steel dragon along the bridge that can breathe fire and water.

Every Saturday and Sunday nights at 9pm, you can take a short walk along Bach Dang Street to enjoy the animation of Da Nang and then don't forget to swing by the Dragon Bridge to wait for the grant dragon breathing fire and water. Crowds of locals and tourists also come and happily enjoy the show because it’s totally free.

It will be a huge regret if you miss this show when visiting Da Nang.

Dragon Bridge

Vo Van Kiet street, Da Nang City
Opening time: 17:30 PM - 23:55 PM

The Dragon Bridge is a bridge over the Han river in Da Nang. This bridge created a wonderful attraction for both locals and tourists every night, especially at the weekend.

5. Marble Mountain Sculpture Village

Marble sculpture village is located at the foot of the Marble Mountains - a must-visit stop in Da Nang city. There are hundreds of stone carving workshop with thousands gorgeous sculptures and beautiful jewelry presented in this village.

You will be fascinated by the amazing artworks made by the skillful and clever sculpturers in the village. No need to pay for tickets, do not flinch, you just get into any workshops or showroom and enjoy how all the arts are made here, or even you can watch the carvers create outstanding stone statue.

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Nang That Won't Cost A Cent!Photo by Yume.vn

Da Nang is known as the most friendly and beautiful city with several activities (charged or free) for all tourists. If you have a chance to visit this environmentally beautiful city, don’t miss these above free activities. They will make your trip much more a trip.


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