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Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never Miss

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never Miss

Da Lat with its poetic and grandiose landscapes, ideal climate and friendliness, simple-heartedness of the locals attracts a number of tourists every year. Though it is known as a romantic and quiet city, Da Lat never lacks of interesting activities for people of all ages. Here are 10 activities that you should find out in your trip to Da Lat.

1.One night stay at an old villa

Da Lat still remains several old French villas located on pine hill and they are currently upgraded and repaired to become ideal hotels for tourists. Staying one night in an old villa and making the most of Da Lat’s beauty and quietness when the night falls down is truly an unforgetable experience lasting you a life time. The setting of the old French architectures together with the cool air at night will make you feel as you are not in Viet Nam but another ancient Western city. In the morning, sounds of singing birds and sunshine tearing morning dew in pieces will wake you up to start a refreshing adventure.

Some suggested villa hotels in Da Lat:
• Du Parc hotel

- Address: 7 Tran Phust, Da Lat. Price of a double room is about 800.000vnd per night.

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never MissPhoto by Du Parc hotel

• Cadasa resort

- Address: 16 Tran Hung Dao, Da Lat. Price of a double room is about 890.000vnd per night.
• Ana Mandara Villas

- Address: Le Lai, Da Lat. Price of a double room is about 1.500.000vnd per night.

2.Sipping Da Lat coffee and enjoy Trinh Cong Son music

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never MissPhoto by Khánh Vũ Bùi

Visiting Da Lat, you cannot ignore coffee - a unique culture of highlanders. The coffee has been planted in this area for long and good coffee can be easily found. You can pick any good looking coffee shops to sit down and enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the chilled weather. It's such a great experience to get closer to the local taste. There are some good places that serve the best coffee and offers Trinh music -the popular songs in Viet Nam.
Some coffee shop playing Trinh music in Da Lat:

Diem Xua coffee shop:

Address: 20 Khe Xanh St. , Da Lat, Lam Dong

Tung cafe:

Address: at 6 HoaBinh area, Da Lat, Lam Dong

Cung To Chieu live music coffee shop:

Address: In alley no.27 Le Hong Phongst, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

3.Can wine

One of the most unique cultures of Da Lat is Ruou Can - Can Wine made by K'ho people living here. This wine is fermented in a big pottery vase or jar for 20 days, which is always served in big occasions or gatherings. People drink Can wine by sitting around the wine vase or jar. They have small bamboo drinking pipes sticking into the wine jar and then drink together. Rươu Can is not strong but it is aromatic and warm with a little sweetness.

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never Miss

Photo by bitobum2002

If you have a chance to stop by and stay with the local ethnical goup in Da Lat, you will be luckily invited to join a fire camp and warmly welcome with the specialty and hospitality.

4.Take a horse riding around Xuan Huong lake

It is fun to grab a horse - pulled cart and take a ride around Ho Xuan Huong Lake and Da Lat city. You can stop by some tourist spots like flower garden, vegetables garden, strawberry garden, and strawberry wine factory. The horse will slowly bring you on a journey up and down of the hill roads. It is exciting to be involved in the romantic view and weather of Da Lat.

5. Paddle boats at Xuan Huong lake

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never MissPhoto by qtchat2000

The most striking activity for kids and couples in Da Lat may be swan pedal boats. There are 2 or 3 seats on a swan boat so you can take part in to pedal, sightsee and hang out with your loved ones. From the center of the lake, you can catch the view of surroundings and take a deep breath of the fresh atmosphere. There is no more than relaxing and pleasureable time spent with your friends and family. Taking a paddle boat around Da Lat is truly a real star in your trip.

Xuan Huong Lake

tp. Đà Lạt Lâm Đồng Vietnam
Opening time: 00:00 AM - 23:55 PM

Xuan Huong Lake is a famous tourist attraction in Dalat. Situated in the center of Dalat city, it is an artificial lake with approximately 5 km2 circumference.

6. Explore beautiful waterfalls

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never MissPhoto by Joe Le

There are many gorgeous waterfalls in Da Lat waiting to be explored such as Pernn waterfall, Pongour waterfall, Cam Ly waterfall or Datanla waterfall,etc. Thousands of tourists come to these famous waterfalls every year to contemplate the stunning and poetic landscapes. Apart from amazing natural sightseeing, there are several activities for adventurous travellers to freely admire the beauty of nature.

Datanla Falls

đèo Prenn Phường 3 tp. Đà Lạt Lâm Đồng, Vietnam
Opening time: 07:00 AM - 16:30 PM

Datanla Waterfall is a nature amusement park of sorts, offering several activities besides sightseeing. Due to the park’s proximity you can expects herds of tourists pouring in.

7. Visit XQ silk hand embroidery

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never MissPhoto by 4.bp.blogspot.com

There is a center making and displaying handmade embroidered picture in Da Lat. This is not a new place for tourists but it is quite interesting to get to know about how they tell stories through every single stitch. Each sophisticated embroidery is a story of homeland, country, villages, life and work of the Vietnamese. This is a beautiful place with old architectures and a spacious setting.

They have different sections in the campus for tourists to visit such as traditional section, Identity section, Soul-mate garden, Heavens Gathering, etc. The center is a favorite stop to widen your knowledge of a new art in Viet Nam.

XQ Vietnam

Yersin Phường 10 tp. Đà Lạt Lâm Đồng, Vietnam
Opening time: 09:00 AM - 16:30 PM

Da Lat XQ Historical Village is not a new tourist destination but it is interesting for tourists to explore a mysterious embroidery space of human beings.

8. Street food

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never MissPhoto by vietnamvisaonentry.com

Da Lat street food is what people usually talk about after their trips to this little land. You can learn more about Da Lat’s culture as well as the residents via its unique yet popular street foods. Enjoying a steaming hot glass of soybean milk in cold weather when the night falling or having a bowl of meatballs soup with bread in an early morning will be some of the most memorable experiences in your trip to Da Lat.

9. Visit Da Lat market

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never MissPhoto by Anniev69

Da Lat market is a must go place to those who want to get face to face with the local life. Da Lat market is always crowded for the flocks of local people and tourists. You can find everything you need in at this market from Da Lat’s specialties like fresh strawberry, dried fruits, kinds of jams, flowers to beautiful sweater and local souvenirs. Don't forget to take your time and drop in Da Lat market whenever you get a chance.

10.Visit Da Lat flowers garden

Top 10 Things To Do In Da Lat You Should Never MissPhoto by golftourismvietnam.com

Da Lat flower garden was built in 1966 and it covers an area of 15 ha. This place has a unique architecture and contains more than 300 types of flowers. In particular, there are some types of flower like rose, daisy, orchids or mimosa bloom all year round. Apart from flowers, there is also a huge garden of cacti with the African origin. A tour to flower garden will impress you by the exclusive shapes and beauty of natural creatures. All of them are carefully cared by the skillful gardeners.

Traveling to Da Lat is one of the best choices for a extraodinary vacation. A romantic, unpolluted and beautiful city with these above activities is a great way to escape from the heat and busy flow of life.

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