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Things To Have Fun With Your Kids In Bali

Things To Have Fun With Your Kids In Bali

As one of Southeast Asia’s most arresting destinations, Bali literally appears in every guidebook about Indonesia.

The paradise island is commonly known for its natural beautywith miles of stunning sandy beaches, ranges of towering volcanic mountains, picturesque rice paddies, pristine crater lakes and lush tropical forests full of exotic wildlife.Along with that is therich cultural heritage visible in over 20,000 temples and palaces, many colorful festivals and ceremonies, Bali is the idyllic place for any travelers who want to immerse themselves in the nature and experience a new culture authentically.

Here are some of the top things that should be on your to-do list when you visit Bali.

Explore the oceanat LOVINA BEACH

Lovina Beach is among the popular beaches in Bali,thanks to its sublime beauty with uniquely black sand, calm water, and the fact of being the perfect spot for dolphin watching.

The best time to see dolphins is in the early morning before sunrise and normally, you’d be taken out to sea by a jukung (the Balinese traditional boat). Once reach the spot, you’ll get to watch dolphins jumping out of the water, twirling in the air right in front of your eyes, and at the same time, be charmed by the magnificent backdrop of sunrise on the ocean. This will definitely be a memorable experience for you and your family.

Things To Have Fun With Your Kids In BaliPhoto by balihellotravel.

Alternatively, scuba diving and snorkeling are also great options to admire the tranquil blue sea and stunning coral reefs of Lovina.

Go white-water rafting on AYUNGRIVER

As the longest river in Bali,The Ayung River isalso the ideal place to experience white-water rafting, especially for the tenderfeet and thosewho aretravelling with kids.

Things To Have Fun With Your Kids In BaliPhoto by balihellotravel

Get ready for the thrilling adventure as you shoot the rapids through the lush green forestswhile surrounded with magnificent scenery. The journey is highlighted by the appearance of wild animals along the rafting route such as big bats, black monkeys, and magpies.
Things To Have Fun With Your Kids In BaliPhoto by ayungriverrafting

After this energy-consuming activity with lots of scream,andlaugh, and fun, you may want some rest in a hot shower while enjoying the spectacular panorama of the valley.


Things To Have Fun With Your Kids In BaliPhoto by balitravelvoucher

Bali Treetop Adventure Park is located in an open-air environment in Bali Botanical Garden, Bedugul. The park offers a wide range ofcircuits for all ages with different levels, ranging from the Yellow Squirrel circuit for 4 to 6-year-olds to the thrilling Black Adrenaline circuit.
Things To Have Fun With Your Kids In BaliPhoto by littlebalilove

Try and get a memorable experience whileexploringthe forest andhave a fantastic view over the whole area from above the ground.

Watch sunset at TANAHLOTTEMPLE

Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s most important landmarks, famous for its unique offshore setting and magnificent sunset backdrop.
Things To Have Fun With Your Kids In BaliPhoto by forwallpapers

The ancient Hindu shrine is perched on top of an outcrop amidst constantly crashing waves.In the late afternoon, when the sun begins to settle over the horizon, the temple is silhouetted against the vibrant glow of the sky and the whole place turns into an exceptionally beautiful scene. It looks so tranquil and arresting thatyou just want to freeze that moment and enjoy it. So… don’t forget your camera! ^^
Things To Have Fun With Your Kids In BaliPhoto by http://2.bp.blogspot.com/

The onshore site is dotted with smaller shrines alongside some restaurants, shops and a cultural park presenting regular dance performances.
With its breathtaking views and valuable cultural values, Tanah Lot Temple is trulya must-visit for any touristswhen coming to Bali.

So, is that enough to intrigue you? Pack your bag and get ready for your memorableholiday in Bali.

Source : Bunny Choco


My name’s Catherine, you can call me Kate. I love animals, writing and travelling.I started my Asian journey since 2003; and I have been nearly 20 countries so far. The more I go, the more I fall in love with this incredible continent. It has a unique beauty and distinctive culture that never fully explored. This’s why there are many countries I still keep coming back over and over again. I’m here to share with you my fun, sad or even scared memory on my backpacking trails. Hope it works on you!

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