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Thing To Do With Kids In PhuKet

Thing To Do With Kids In PhuKet

Fun, Crazy, Adventurous, And Unique.If that are what you’re looking for your upcoming family holiday, PHUKET should be your next destination.

As the largest island of Thailand, Phuket is renowned for its diverse landscapes, from the famous sandy white beaches to thickly forested hills. This has given the paradise island the chance to provide tourists with a wide range of great outdoor activities. Pack your bag and prepare for the lively holiday you will never forget!

Get thrilled with ATV RIDING

Looking for a brand new way to admire the beauty of the southern Thailand? Why don’t you take an ATV tour and enjoy the rest!

With an ATV bike, you can have a fun and safe ride through the local villages, explore the mangrove forests, discover hidden waterfalls and the unspoiled beaches.

Thing To Do With Kids In PhuKetPhoto by phukettaxiandtour

Rumble through sand tracks and jungle trails, rolling hills and splashing in the mud.These are definitely the one-of-a-kind experiences that any nature lovers and adventure seekers would look forward to.

Buckle up and get ready for the most exhilarating trip to the natural wonderlands of Phuket!

Go wild with ELEPHANT TREKKING at Siam Safari

If you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the great outdoors with your family, going on an elephant trek at Siam Safari is an ideal choice for you.
Thing To Do With Kids In PhuKetPhoto by static.asiawebdirect

Located on Chalong highland with magnificent ocean views, Siam Safari is regarded as a safe haven for elephants, as well as the perfect place for elephant trekking. Here you’ll get the chance to explore the lush jungle of the southern Thailand, learn about the local wildlife while riding on an elephant and admiring the beauty of Chalong Bay together with Phi Phi Islands in the distance.

This experience will surely be something for you to remember about the land of elephants. As they say, ‘You have not been to Thailand unless you ride on an elephant’.

Run crazily with ZORBING

Imagine this: you, your family squad, a plastic ball and a hill. Got excited yet?
Thing To Do With Kids In PhuKet

Photo by phuket-travel-secrets

In Phuket, that’s what they call zorbing or hill rolling, a fun adrenaline-charged activity for the whole family to join. With plenty of hillsides here, zorbing can be enjoyed on various tracks, some are pretty straight while others sharply curved. The coolest part of the game is when you bump into other participants, roll around doing somersaults without getting hurt, or challenge your mates to some Zorbing Sumo – or what they like to call ‘Zorbo’! That feeling you’ll get can be described as similar to being inside a washing machine (but without the risk of drowning, of course ^^)
Thing To Do With Kids In PhuKet

Photo by phuket-travel-secrets

So, remember to bring some swimwear, towels and have fun!!!


The Upside Down House is one of the latest and most intriguing attractions in Phuket. This three-story pink house is exactly what you think it is, standing upside down in a garden as if some giant kid had accidently dropped it there.
Thing To Do With Kids In PhuKetPhoto by chvanov.ru

Leave all the logic at home as you enter the house from its roof, passing through the attic to reach the second floor and discover all of the rooms while walking on the ceiling. Visit the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, with all furniture and decorations hanging from the floor (even the fish are swimming upside-down in the aquarium).Another flight of stairs takes you to the third floor, where situated garage, kids playground and the highlight of the house: a real TukTuk!

Thing To Do With Kids In PhuKetPhoto by http://i.telegraph.co.uk/

So, don’t forget to bring your camera! This unique experience will definitely leave you with lots of fascinating photos and of course, fun and lots of laugh.


My name’s Catherine, you can call me Kate. I love animals, writing and travelling.I started my Asian journey since 2003; and I have been nearly 20 countries so far. The more I go, the more I fall in love with this incredible continent. It has a unique beauty and distinctive culture that never fully explored. This’s why there are many countries I still keep coming back over and over again. I’m here to share with you my fun, sad or even scared memory on my backpacking trails. Hope it works on you!

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