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The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An

The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An

Hoi An, an charming ancient Town, is no doubt the most famous destination in Vietnam. Coming to Hoi An, you will be pleasantly surprised by a long lovely alley of colorful unique handmade stuff. If it’s too confused to choose from tons of interesting things to buy,we would like to recommend to you the 9 best handmade souvenirs to bring home.

1. Silk lanterns

Hoi An withcountless sparkling lantern lightscatches every attention.Each house in ancient town features at least two lanterns in front of the door. It has been an iconic image that people have in their mind about Hoi An.

The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An
Photo by Sheena Baharudin

Silk lantern frames are made from bamboo or wood and then covered by colorful silk with a lot of different patterns. Silk lanterns boast different shapes such as cylinder lanterns, UFO-shape lanterns, turning-lamp lanterns, etc. The most famous lantern stores in Hoi An are Huynh Van Ba at 54 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street and Ha Linh at 72 Tran Nhan Tong street. Especially, you can try to make your own lanterns in these stores as one of your best experiences in Hoi An.

2. Kim Bong Woodworking Village

Kim Bong is the most famous traditional carpentry village in Hoi An. Products of Kim Bong village focus mainly in shaping on wood and bamboo. There is a wide range of products for tourists to choose such as wooden stamps, wooden landscape picture or portrait on special material. Specially, Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity (Fu Lu Shou) faces made from bamboo roots are the most popular artworks in Kim Bong Carpentry Village. Many guests are attracted by itsartistry and creativeness. It’s also said to bring happiness and best luck to owners.

The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An
Photo by Duc

3. Phuoc Kieu Bronze Statue

Bronze statues characterize Vietnamese tradition. They will be the most meaningful things to buy as gifts in Hoi An. PhuocKieu Bronze Statue is the most famous traditional village in Hoi An. With the secret in mixing material, bronze statues here feature high quality. Tourists have various choices from statues, gongs, drums to bells, etc. In addition, tourists have chance to experience making bronze statue themselves to become skillful artists.

The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An
Photo by talkvietnam

4. Hoi An Silk

Hoi An silk features soft, light and airy property. Silk has been Vietnameseancient clothing material since hundreds years ago. Silk products will be great gifts to bring home from Hoi An. Tourists can have talented tailors make new clothes on your favorite style and color. Besides, other products from silk such as bag, scarf, etc are available.

The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An
Photo by Hoian Silk Village - Viet Nam

5. Leather

Leather products in Hoi An are among the most favorite things tourist hunt for due its uniqueness and quality. Leather products in Hoi An are mainly handmade with skillful details that satisfies the most discerning customers. HieuTrung store allocated at 20 Nguyen Tri Phuong street is known as the most perennial store in Hoi An. With 100% from cowhide, leather products in Hoi An arenice and long-life. Tourists have many choices of leather products like small bags, belts, wallets, big bags, etc.

The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An
Photo by Lam Phat Leather

6. Brocade bags

Vietnam boasts 54 different minor ethnics with fascinating history, culture and specialty including brocade textiles. Especially, each of them features their own brocade patterns in different style and color, which make these products hunted for by not only locals but also foreigners.

The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An
Photo by freestyle_swimmer

These most iconic Brocade bags are sold in most of streets in Hoi An at cheap price. It is not only impressive but also convenient. Brocade pieces with skillful handmade details that hard to find outside Hoi An. Tourists have many other choices from brocade bags, scarfs to wallets.

7. Tohe

Tohe is made from clay and sold popularly in many Hoi An streets. There are different sizes of tohe with different shapes of animals and objects which related to Vietnamese lifestyle. Tohe can be used as fun musical instrument. Tourists are easy to see old women with a burden wandering around streets selling Tohe. They aresimply traditional toys reflect Vietnamese spirit at very good price. Therefore, don’t hesitate to bring home some!

The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An
Photo by et-pumpkin

8. Jewelry

I am sure that lady will fall in love with elegant bracelets in different style, color and material. You can easily find out many stores on the pavement in Hoi An. Thesesmall gifts like this are absolutely nice for your friends. There is a wide range of bracelets, necklace, brooches, etc. Greatly, they are all beautiful at very cheap price.

The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An
Photo by Lotus_Jewellery_HoiAn_Vietnam

9. Chopsticks

Chopsticks are indispensable things in Vietnamese meals. They are made from bamboo or wood. Nowadays, they are designed in variety of styles and materials, which will catch your attention at quick look. Many tourists choose chopsticks as gifts to bring home.You can look for them in many stores in Hoi An.Just pick one up and they may remind you some of the best food experience in this amazing city.

The 9 Best Sounenirs To Bring To Home From Hoi An
Photo by xuanzang

There also many other handmade products such as 3D postcards, stone pictures, shoes, etc. that you may like. Hope you have great time in Hoi An.


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