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Tam Giang Lagoon - A hidden gem of Hue

Tam Giang Lagoon - A hidden gem of Hue

There is no better place to step away from the bustling streets in Hue than Tam Giang lagoon. Tam Giang lagoon is perhaps the most famous lagoon in the Central of Viet Nam. It is where you can enjoy a nice cool breeze without being annoyed by the modern lives.

Tam Giang Lagoon - A hidden gem of HuePhoto by tamgiangecotour

At the beginning, you may meet a local market where local people come here every day for their daily shopping. What are purchased in this market? Mostly fresh seafood which is just caught minutes ago by fishing men as this lagoon is home to a variety of water creatures.

Like other Asian markets, Tam Giang market is quite crowded, a little bit smelly and busy. If you want to get inside a local life, this market is truly a revelation. It's such a shame if you miss out all the best foods in Lagoon. Words can not describe how good the seafood in Tam Giang is. From squid, prawns to crab, all of them are amazing in texture, rich in flavor and well-cooked by the handful chefs.

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Where to try seafood?

There are many local restaurants on the way to boat stop. These little treats will be remarkable memory for all tourists coming to Tam Giang.

Tam Giang Lagoon - A hidden gem of HuePhoto by cdn3.ivivu.com
Also, there are many special houses called "Nhà chố" in this small lagoon. These houses are used to be relaxing places for fishermen after a hard day away land. You can ask them to take a closer look on these houses to see how their structures are.

Recently, Tam Giang has picked up among the backpackers who always seek for off the beaten track places. For years, Tam Giang still keeps its original beauty. The water is clear enough to see the seabed even in the deepest sections. This lagoon is agreed as one of the most beautiful rural areas in Viet Nam. The natural water flows and fertile land, providing access to spectacular stretches of sunset. Walking the narrow paths surrounded by lush field and green atmosphere is surely a lifetime experience for all of us.

Tam Giang Lagoon - A hidden gem of HuePhoto by vietnam-luxury-tours.com

Local people mostly live on their traditional job as fishing. In the early morning, men start a journey to sea for catching seafood while women stick their feet into waters to search for shellfish then bring to the market for sale. These people hardly find another better occupation to raise their living standards becauseTam Giang is still a poor district in Hue. Even though most of the local can't earn enough money to spend for their lives, they still keep great friendly mind and treat others well as their friends.

Tam Giang lagoon is truly a nice tough to brighten the way of exploring rural areas in Viet Nam. Travelers can find excellent seafood and view outstanding natural setting in Tam Giang. A trip here definitely provides a peaceful feeling for those who step in.

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