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Lang Co travel guide

Lang Co travel guide

Lang Co Bay which is 30 km away from Da nang city in the south is a magical bay in Viet Nam. Voted as one of the most majestic beaches all over the world in 2009, Lang Co boast some of the prettiest beaches with unspoiled shoreline. Lang co is on the crossway of three world well-known destinations of Viet Nam as Hue, Hoi An ancient town and My Son.
Lang Co travel guidePhoto by Kiva.Dang (reic.vn)

1. Best time to visit

Lang Co mostly shows its sparkling beauty from April to July. During the time from the end of August to November, there are strong rain drops. In the rest of the year, Lang co water is quite cold to some people.

2. Transportation

2.1. By flight

Vietnam Airlines is the only flight firm operating the route from Ha Noi/ Sai Gon to Hue. You can book the ticket via their website: http://www.vietnamairlines.com/ at the cheapest price from 1,694,000 VND (75.5 usd) (Ha Noi to Hue), and 1,859.000 (83 usd) (From Ho Chi Minh to Hue).
From Phu Bai Airport (Hue city), you need to get out of Hue and drive to Lang Co. The way is 75 km long which takes you about 1 hour. You can go by taxi or rental car. Motorbike is not highly recommended.
From Da Nang international airport:
There are many domestic flights from Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang with the cheapest price at 590,000 vnd (26.3 usd) (1 route/ Vietjet Air).
When you arrive at Da Nang city, you can hire taxi or a car to get to Lang Co. When you finish your way to Hai Van Pass, you will easily catch Lang Co which is not in a far distance. It costs about 200,000 vnd (10 usd) to go there by taxi from Da Nang airport.

2.2. By train

Lang Co travel guidePhoto by btrip.vn
Ha Noi - Hue
There are many train routes from Ha Noi to Hue. The duration is about 12 hours for 688 km way. The ticket price for train from Ha Noi to Hue is 354,000 vnd (16 usd) and 388,000 vnd (17 usd) from Ho CHi Minh to Hue.
When you arrive at Hue train Station ( 02 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Hue), catch the bus Hue - Da Nang route and ask to stop at Lang Co. Another option is buying tourist bus tickets at Sinh Cafe at 60,000 vnd. Car rental is not a bad choice if you are a qualified driver.
Ha Noi - Da Nang
It takes about 14 hours from Ha Noi to Da Nang with the ticket price at 354,000 vnd (16 usd)
Ho chi Minh - Da Nang
The route from Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang is 935 km with the price ticket from 320,000 vnd (14,27 usd)
When you get to Da Nang train station ( 202 Hai Phong street, Da Nang), you can get bus route Da Nang - Quang tri or Da Nang - Hue and ask to stop at Lang Co. It cost about 50,000 vnd for a ticket.

2.3. By Bus

Lang Co travel guidePhoto by sinhcafetravel.com
Contact with the nearest travel agency to buy ticket to Hue if you are in Viet Nam.
Note: The ticket price can be changed without warning.

3. What to eat

Bé Đen restaurant at the feet of Ha Van pass is the most popular stop for many travelers. It is located at the crossway near Lang Co Beach Resort. Its menu is diverse ranging from local food to hand to mouth seafood. Bé Đen is rated as the cheapest restaurant in Lang Co with the price range from 30,000 vnd to 100,000 vnd for 1 dish.
It's cheaper if you buy fresh seafood in kilograms and ask the chef to make them for you.
Lang Co travel guidePhoto by http://24hseafood.com/
Don't miss out the grilled prawn, steamed squiz, crab and squiz soup. This restaurant also offers an open view to Lap An lagoon. It's such a great value to have lunch and dinner while watching the beautiful landscapes.
Bé Phượng, Thiên Lý, Bé Thịnh restaurants are other good choices for eating. General speaking, these eateries have a superb food at reasonable cost.
Also, there are many street vendors or small restaurant situated in the feet of Lang Co. They are much cleaner and less crowded than the ones situated on the head of Lang Co pass, which usually serve the drivers and tourists.

4. Things to see

4.1. Lang Co beach

Lang Co travel guidePhoto by Jacqueline & Melbert van Emmerik

Whether your dream beach trip consits of spending a few pampered nights in a four-star resort or swimming in a tropical beach, Lang Co is the sort of beaches where either or both can come true.Lang Co is one of the few beautiful beaches in Central Viet Nam to have escaped development skill. The water is always deep green and postcard perfect.

4.2. Chan May Beach

Lang Co travel guide

Photo by tapchisonghuong.com

Gentle waves. Soft white sands. Gorgeous sunset view. All in one, Chan May beach. Away 1 km from the 1A highway, Chan May is a hidden gem of Lang Co. Most of the time, this place is empty so those who come often have it to themselves!

4.3. Hai Van Pass

Lang Co travel guide

Photo by Shawn

This is the natural border of Hue and Da Nang city.
There is an underground route from Da Nang to Hai Van. However, if you want to catch the stunning view of surroundings, you should drive to the top of Hai Van. This natural beauty has scenery that cannot compare to anything manmade. As a saying "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", you definitely should discover this hidden treasure by yourself. On your way from Hai Van to Lang Co, there are many water strays at 7-8 meters long, which are used to deliver water to those who are in need.

4.4. Bach Ma National park

Lang Co travel guidePhoto by http://camnanghue.com/
30 km away from Lang co in the west is Bach Ma National Park. This theme park is renowned for its variety of animals, spectacular rock formation, hot springs and cool weather. Bach Ma National Park is entirely a classic beauty to those who are fancy seeing enchanting creatures.

4.5. Lap An lagoon

Lang Co travel guidePhoto by www.kosshop.vn
Lap An lagoon sits in the western site of Lang Co. This lagoon with the width of 800 ha is home to a great number of seafood. Head for it, and you will hit one of the most peaceful places in Viet Nam.
It's got beauty with the sunsets over endless skyline. It's truly a memorable experience to take a boat and enjoy the fantastic scenery of Lap An lagoon.

5. Things to do

Lang Co is widely known as a perfect choice for those who want to step away from the busy lives. Therefore, there are not many activities here. Most often, people tend to go for beach and experience the local seafood. In addition, you can take time on wandering around green countryside or take a boat to explore Lap An lagoon. Don’t be mind of chatting with local people to be in take a deep look in their daily lives.
To many travelers, Lang Co is the loveliest place all artists are dreaming. You will not believe until you get here. A small bay offers a unique insight into Viet Nam natural beauty.
If you are planning a trip to Lang Co, this is a plan for you:
- 1 day in Lang Co
Do you want to visit Hue city, an ancient capital nearby Lang Co? Don’t miss these suggestions:

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