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Interesting Adventurous Activities In Da Nang

Interesting Adventurous Activities In Da Nang

As a young dynamic city, Danang is an attractive destination of all adventurers. Recently, the adventurous tourism of the city has strongly developed. If you are the ones love daring yourself, these below activities shouldn't be missed.

1. Paint ball

Paint ball is a simulation of a professionally fighting game developing rapidly in the world. Since it was introduced to Vietnam, Paint ball has quickly attracted a large number of dynamic players loving challenges. Paintball game is held at Da nang Paint Ball Club inside the Military Zone 5 Sport Centre.

Ho Chi Minh Museum - Region V Military Branch

03 Duy Tan Street, Hoa Thuan Dong Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
Opening time: 07:30 AM - 16:30 PM

Ho Chi Minh Museum - Region V Military Branch, is a collection of cultural works that is closely linked with the natural landscape. Being an area of 9.4 hectares large, the museum exhibits the life and the revolution career of President Ho Chi Minh.

What is paint ball?

Paint ball is a competitive game in which players use a special gun to eliminate opponents by shooting them with painting bullets (paint balls). Joining in the game, you will be equipped as a real soldier and each match has two teams fighting each other to complete tasks such as destroying enemy and winning flag.

Interesting Adventurous Activities In Da NangPhoto by: www.ivivu.com

The paint bullet is propelled by compressed CO2 in different colors to distinguish their team when someone was hit. When a person's hit, he is eliminated from the game.

Depending on the location, paintball game can be played indoors or outdoors, in different terrains like forest, artificial grass court. Depending on how players of each team, each match can last from minutes up to an hour. Before the game, players are commonly informed the advantage of terrain and objects, how to attack, how to defense, especially how to fight in teams using voice, signals and cues.

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What attracts players most is the "real" feeling of this activity. You will experience dramatic and suspense feeling while fighting, or being extremely excited when completing tasks. The game help players improve their judgment and flexible problem solving skil as well as the creativity. This exercise is truly a unique experience for friends and families.


7 Duy Tân Hòa Thuận Đông, Hải Châu Đà Nẵng
Opening time: 07:00 AM - 19:30 PM

Danang Paintball Club is an ideal entertaining place for those who love to take part in group activities as well as to have relaxing time after a hard working period.

2. Waterfall Sliding

It is said that Da nang is blessed with terrain of a city with spectacular natural surrounding and is covered by ecological diversity jungle which attracts an army of tourists every year. With a stunning location and meandering streams in the large forests, waterfall sliding game at the Hoa Phu Thanh ecotourism really gives visitors an emotional journey during their holidays in Da nang.

Interesting Adventurous Activities In Da NangPhoto by: www.ivivu.com

Hoa Phu Thanh is a tourist area with river and stream flows. With appropriate slopes, this place is perfect for many forms of waterfall sliding. To pass the long distance, travelers are fully provided with equipment as life jackets and helmets. Also, you are instructed how to paddle to avoid squeeze water, to get rid of the large stone blocking the street and to avoid being stranded by the dense roaside to bush, which overturn all boat passing.

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Players have to overcome these challenges, the mining segment steep, narrow and fast flowing waters. Rescuers are readily available when the players could not overcome the challenging slides.

Tickets: 180,000 VND / 1 person including protection services and shuttle upstream where the adventurers begin to pass the circus flowing long stream.

Opening hours: 2 times/ day at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. You must be present 30 minutes before starting time to get protective gear and listen to the instruction. Then, the shuttle will take you to top of the waterfalls.

Address: DT 604 Street, Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang, Viet Nam.

Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Site

QL 14, Hoa Phu Village, Hoa Vang Ward, Da Nang City
Opening time: 07:00 AM - 16:00 PM

Hoa Phu Thanh offers new experiences of adventure aquariums trip in Da Nang and a special space in a lean-to with natural surroundings.

3. Kayaking

Kayaking is widely offered in several resorts in Viet Nam. You'll be floating on the water with waving paddles, feeling the cool breeze blowing and admiring the colorful natural scenery.

Interesting Adventurous Activities In Da NangPhoto by: vnexpress.net

Before trying this exciting sport, you need to have a previous practice to easily navigate through the large waves.

What makes people love about kayaking is the adventerous feeling it brings to players because you have to overcome the raging river, the craggy cliffs. At the end, you are rewarded by exploring majestic moutains and rivers.

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Schedule details:

  • 17:00: Tour guides will help you to start and exercise some basic movements and techniques to balance the boats.
  • 17h30: Sailing Kayak around the Dragon Bridge, Bridge of Love, Han river or Tran Thi Ly Bridge and droping flower lanterns on the river.
  • 19:00: Moving to the starting point.

Participation fees:

  • For a Team from 4 to 9 people: 100,000 / person.
  • For a Team of 10 persons: 75,000 / person.

Time: Weekdays from Monday to Friday, 17h00 - 19h00.
Meeting Point: Dragon bridge on the Tran Hung Dao street side.

Besides, kayaking club regularly organizes picnic sailing trip at other locations outside Han River as Hoa Bac, Ku De, Son Tra, Bai Nam, Dong Xanh, Dong Nghe and Van Village.

Contact 01679.569.789 (Mr. Hung) before 12pm on the same day to arrange a boat.

4. Rock Climbing at Marble Mountain

The Marble Mountain landscape complex is located away from the downtown of Da Nang, right on the Da Nang - Hoi An route. These limestone mountains are scattered over an area of about 20 km2 including Kim Son, Moc Son, Tho Son, Thuy Son and Hoa Son. Every mountain has a particular beauty in shape, position, rock materials with small temples inside.

Interesting Adventurous Activities In Da Nang Photo by http://www.hoangviettravel.vn/

Apart from a chance to visit a lot of caves and temples in Marble mountain, visitors can dare themselves with rock climbing. To join in this activity, you should register for the program of adventure travel companies to be trained basic skills and provided necessary equipment.

5. Parachuting at the beach

With parachuting, you will be flying on the sky to admire a vast ocean view and to be immersed in cool breeze.

Interesting Adventurous Activities In Da Nang

Photo by http://hivietnam.vn/

Players hang on a large umbrella with a safety belt connected by a piece of wire canoe lasting 30 - 50 meters. Canoe will depart and drag parachute flying in the air. When catching enough wind, the umbrella will quickly expand and hover overhead.

As usual, you will be flying 15 minutes each turn running turn of canoes. You need to comply with regulations as wearing life jackets, seatbelts. The feeling of watching the sea on a high throw perturbed under the wing will last you a lifetime memory.

Pham Van Dong Beach

12A Phạm Văn Đồng, An Hải Bắc, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam
Opening time: 00:00 AM - 23:55 PM

Pham Van Dong beach is a beach is pretty much where the organization is selected festivals held around the world, such as whether an international flight, paragliding, sand walls.

My Khe beach

Trường Sa, Đà Nẵng, Thành Phố Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam
Opening time: 00:00 AM - 23:55 PM

My Khe beach with its clean coast and smooth sand beach is truly an ideal place for couples and families to have memorable time.

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