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Famous Vientiane Food To Eat Before You Leave

Famous Vientiane Food To Eat Before You Leave

Vientiane-the capital of Laos is the convergent place of quintessential cuisine of this beautiful country. Tourists travel to Vientiane not only to take delight in terrific landscapes but also enjoy the amazing traditional food. If you are going to travel to Vientiane the next holiday, here are the top 7 dishes you must try.

1. Larb

Many tourists had tried their first Larb in Thailand and rate it as a food must eat in there, however, the truth is that the origin of this dish is from Laos. Larb is a minced meat salad. There are many types of Larb that made of different kinds of meat like pork, fish, chicken, duck or beef. The meat can be stir-fried with little or no water then mixed up with minced red hot pepper, mint leaves, lime juice and a very special flour. And making this special flour is also the most meticulous step of creating the unique flavor for this dish. They have to roast rice till it turns deep yellow and smell good then they have to grind the roasted rice by a rice-pounding pestle in such a way that the roasted rice is not too smooth but not too gritty at the same time. All the ingredients in larb create an outstanding taste that can bewitch every single person.

Famous Vientiane Food To Eat Before You Leave
Photo by Veronica

Where to eat:

Lao Kitchen restaurant

  • Address: 140/01, Unit 15, Rue Hengboun, Baan Anou, Vientiane, Laos
  • Opening hours: 11.00 am – 10.00 pm

2. Tam mak hoong

Tam mak hoong is a specific papaya hot salad of Laotian. This dish is a bit similar with Song Tam of Thailand but still has its own flavor. The locals cut unripe papaya into fibers and then bray cursorily. Finally they add some lime juice, shrimp pate, red hot pepper, chopped garlic, palm sugar then stir these things together with crushed peanuts on top. The sweet, sour, hot and salt tastes of this dish will rouse the taste of your tongue that why the locals usually serve tam mak houng as the appetizer.

Famous Vientiane Food To Eat Before You Leave

Photo by Villa Maly

Where to eat:

3 Sister Restaurant (Han Sam Euay Nong)

  • Add: The restaurant is on the side street next to Wat Chan temple (Chao Anou road) and few meter from night market.
  • Opening hours: 11.00 am -10.00 pm
  • Or you can easily find this place on the street food stalls.

3. Khao Poon

Khao poon is a standard noodles soup in Laos and Laotians usually have it as their breakfast. There are two typical flavors of broth-chicken and pork. You also can feel the fresh of coconut milk and the charming of other spices like fish sauce, lime juice, pepper and galangal. The combination of all ingredients makes the khao poon’s broth so fragrant and tasting. Vermicelli which is made of fermentative rice is absolutely an indispensable thing in this dish. Khao poon is served with a bunch of herbs and spring onion on top.

Famous Vientiane Food To Eat Before You Leave
Photo by yelp.com

Where to eat

Morning Market stalls
Add: on Lane Xang Avenue near the Lao National Tourism Authority office.

4. Khao Jee

Because Laos was a French colony for a long time in the past, a part of laos cuisine is still under French cuisine’s influence. Khao jee is a kind of baguettes that the locals usually eat in their breakfast or you can also order this food in several restaurant of Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Laotian love to eat Khao jee with milk or milk coffee and sometime they serve Khao jee with omelets or pate that like sandwich of Westerners or Banh Mi of Vietnam.

Famous Vientiane Food To Eat Before You Leave
Photo by Wesley & Brandon Rosenblum

Where to eat:

A typical Laos food, which can be found on every street corner in Vientiane.

5. Laos Pho

If you think that Pho is a very delicious and unique noodles soup of Hanoi, Vietnam, you can also enjoy this dish in Vientiane with a new version. The vermicelli of Laos Pho is quite thick but it still has a good taste. Beef and chicken are two popular options for the broth and you are absolutely fascinated by its fresh and charming taste. Laotioans also serve Pho with herbs and raw vegetable like Vietnamese. However, a very different point between Laos Pho and Vietnamese Pho is that in Laos they put many types of spice phials on the table so that you have chance to season your bowl in your way.

Famous Vientiane Food To Eat Before You Leave
Photo by yelp.com

Where to eat:

Pho Zaap restaurant

  • Add: Khun Bu Lom Rd, Vientiane, Laos
  • Opening hours: 6.00 am -16.00

6. Laos Sausage

Laos is famous for grilled dishs and you can find skewers of fish, pork, beef and chicken easily in any restaurant or marke. Apart from these grilled dishes, Laos sausage or “sai gog” is also a beloved food of not only the Laotian but also the foreign tourists.
Most of the locals make this sausage at home. They usually hang sausage in rows at their backyard and take the advantage of the sunshine to dry sausage. There are several versions of Laos sausage with different types of meat, however, the most popular version and the most beloved version of the foreign tourists as well is sausage made of minced pork and citronella that is well seasoned. The locals eat sausage with cooked rice while the foreigners like to enjoy it with bread.

Famous Vientiane Food To Eat Before You Leave
Photo by Shankar S

Where to eat:

Sai Oua – Laos sausage stalls

  • Add: Vangthong Evening Food Market, Boulevard Khounboulom
  • Opening hours: 17.00 -22.00

7. Lao Barbecue (sin dad)

Sin dad is a special food that is quite popular in Laos and Thailand. Tourists might find it is so curious at the first time they see this food. Sin dad is something like the co-ordination of hot pot and grilled stove at the same time. And the interesting thing is that you will have to serve this dish by yourself. They will put a charcoal stove and a special pot on the middle of your table with some plates of raw chicken, pork or beef, vegetable, a bottle a broth, mushroom, tofu, some noodles and some local spice like chili sauce, fish sacue, pepper, red hot pepper and lime. Therefore, you can grill the ingredients you like or dip them into broth by yourself and you can also season the broth in your way that it is pleasant to taste. Eat Sin dad will be a great experience of your trip to Luang Prabang.

Famous Vientiane Food To Eat Before You Leave
Photo by somanysummers

Where to eat:

Labieng Lom Restaurant

  • Add: 218 Unit 11 / Nogsanokham Village, Vientiane
  • Opening hours: 10.30 am – 2.00 pm and 4.30 am – 10.30 pm

Come to Vientiane and explore all the corners of this beautiful city. We believe that your food adventure here will be more satisfactory and wonderful with this food must try list.

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