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Datanla Waterfall For Adventure Lovers

Datanla Waterfall For Adventure Lovers

10 kilometers from Da Lat center, Datanla waterfall is on Pernn pass that has grandiose yet poetic landscapes. Thousands of tourists come here every year to chance to experience interesting and adventurous activities. Here are 8 enchanting activities that tourists like the most at Datanla waterfall.

1. Contemplate grandiose feature of Datanla waterfall

Among numerous of imposing cliffs that are tens of meters in height and the hidden jungle with several deep defiles, Datanla waterfall looks like a lofty and formidable deity that make adventure lovers go into ecstasy. Seeing this gorgeous landscape in the cold fresh air and grandiose nature make people feel placid and peaceful.
Tip:climate here is very cool and fresh and you may feel free of the sunshine, however, do forget to apply sun cream when you take part in outdoor activities like this one to protect your skin from UV rays.

2. Explore 7 stratums of Datanla waterfall

Datanla includes 7 different stratums that have different appearances and features. At some parts, you will see brooks are murmuring down through ravines while other parts have swift-flowing streams seem like they are whistling. Especially, at some part, the water falls down from high cliffs to abyss creating a vehement sound of wildness. Each stratum of Datanla waterfall you pass along give you an unforgettable experience.
Tip: flip-flops are not a good choice any more. Though wearing flip-flops makes you feel comfortable, it’s not safe. You should prepare good sport shoes that have slippery resistant soles for this trip.

3. Sitting on roller coaster and contemplate the jungle

This is an interesting activities for people those who like thrills. You will have chance to explore the jungle without walking hundreds of meters and burning too much energy. This roller coaster system has tortuous rollers going through deep jungle and hazardous cliffs with fast and slow regulator. Tourists will definitely font of this fanciful activity.
Tip: you ought to choose to wear long sleeve clothes, sunglasses and hat to protect yourself from branches or strange subjects that may impact in you along the way.

4. Explore the jungle on foot

Explore all the corners of Datanla waterfall is not an easy challenge when you have to climb on hundreds rungs of stair that are covered by slippery moss. This activity not only requires an indulgence of exploration but also a strong habitus. Along hundreds of meters path through the jungle you will see many gorgeous landscapes that you have never seen in your life before.
Tip: Apart from preparing slippery resistant shoes, you should put one or two vitamin c effervescent tablets in your bottle of water and take it with you before departure. This drink will help you provide energy and feel healthy all the time of this journey.

5. Explore other small hidden waterfalls

Almost tourists miss these waterfalls because they are shrouded by floristic composition. Once finding out these waterfalls, you will be impressed by its wild and natural beauty. Their soft and graceful features are compared as the fairies those who are still falling in deep sleep and waiting for tourists to come and wake them up.

6. Riding string over the Reaper abyss

Thanks to grandiose terrains many tourist agencies have developed a new type of adventure activity names riding string over the Reaper abyss. At the foot of cliffs that are hundreds of meters in height are deep green floristic composition and nearby this place is formidable waterfalls. This game has attracted lots of tourists those who are adventure lovers.
Tip: You should consider carefully about your health condition before take part in this activity as well as ask owner service for enough body protector suits.

7. Contemplate landscapes from height by cable car

This activity is suitable for both adults and kids. You can choose contemplate landscapes by cable car if you are traveling family that has children and the elderly. Moving by cable car through the jungle, waterfalls and grandiose cliffs cangive tourists the whole views and many impressions of the nature that are contemplated from height.

8. Slip along the waterfall

Slippingwith the current of waterfall and sailing kayak along waterfall are two most adventurous activities at this place. Many people choose these games because they want to challenge themselves and are fond of joining in water sports as well as wallow in fresh and cool stream water. Tourists may get hurt from these exploratory activities; however, experiences you gain from it will be the most precious moments ever in your life.
Tip: You should consider carefully about your health condition before take part in these activities, ask owner service for enough body protector suits and check out carefully the quality of kayak and paddles if you choose to sail kayak along the waterfall.

If you are going to make a trip to Da Lat city, do not forget to put Datanla waterfall in your must-visit places list in Da Lat. You will absolutely never regret about spending time with family and friends at this amazing destination.
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Datanla Waterfall For Adventure Lovers

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