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Da Nang Travel Guide

Da Nang Travel Guide

Best time to visit Da Nang

Da Nang has two main obvious seasons: rainy season from September to November and dry season from December to August. Occasionally, there are some spells of cold weather but it is not strong and long-lasting. However, we would like to divide time into two other main seasons so that you can grasp the best suitable time for your trip easily. Those are peak season and low season.

The peak season is from Jan to May and June to the end of August and the low season is from September to the end of September. In peak season, the temperature fluctuates from 32-38 degree Celsius. You can swim at My Khe or go to the Cham island or Son Tra peninsula without worrying about rough sea. On the other hand, the price of accommodations is much higher than in low season and every tourist attractions here are always crowded that you have to line up and wait for almost haft an hour.

If you are on a tight budget, you can travel in low season. The weather is not always bad in low season except stormy days. In low season, the time from January to February is the wonderful period for traveling.

Getting to Da Nang

You can choose travel by airplane, train, bus, pleasure-boat, motorbike or even bicycle

1. Travel to Da Nang by airplane

The price of a plane ticket from Ha noi or Ho Chi Minh city to Da Nang is from 350.000 to 2.200.000 vnd (20 usd to 110 usd). It’s up to the airline and class you choose and the time you book. It takes you only an hour and a half to fly to Da Nang.

However, to get the cheapest plane ticket you ought to book a flight a month in advance. You can update the information of cheap plane tickets on the airlines' official website.

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by Jetstar Pacific Airlines

JetStar – Hotline: 19001550 – booking ticket online on website: www.jetstar.com

Vietnam Airline booking ticket online on website: www.vietnamairlines.com.vn

VietJetAir – Hotline: 1900 1886. booking ticket online on website: www.vietjetair.com

JetStart and VietJetAir not only have the cheaper prices but also have many promotional programs with each one-way plane ticket costs only from 300,000 -1,200,000 vnd.

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2. Travel by train to Da Nang

It takes you about 14-20 hours to travel from Ha Noi or Sai Gon to Da Nang deppending on express or normal train and it usually takes more time if you move from Sai Gon because of the longer distance.

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by http://www.duongsatvietnam.com/

Da Nang station address: 200 Hai Phong street, Hai chau District, Da Nang city.

Check train schedule from Hanoi to Da Nang at : www.yourlocalbooking.com

Check Train schedule from Ho Chi Minh to Da Nang at www.yourlocalbooking.com

Things you need to know before traveling by train

3. Travel to Da Nang by bus

Hoang Long and Mai Linh are two transport companies that have quality service and the best customer services. Besides, there are many transport companies for you to choose like Hlink, Thuận Thảo, Phương Trang, Sinh Cafe…

In Ha Noi you can catch a bus to Da Nang at the Giap Bat bus station or Nuoc Ngam bus station.

In Sai Gon, you can buy the ticket at mien Dong bus station at 292 Dinh Bo Linh street, 26 Ward, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city.

Children under the age of five travel free of charge and tickets are half price for children between the ages of five and ten. Most coaches are not equipped with facilities for disabled passengers, although some special services are available on some routes.

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by http://www.baodanang.vn/

Mai Linh Express :

  • Address : 64- 68 Hai Ba Trung street, District 1 ( Office ) or 400 A Le Hong Phong ( Mini van station )

Ho Chi Minh city - Da Nang :

  • Departure time : 10:00 AM, 14:00 , 18:00
  • Ticket cost : 365.000 VND ( 16.26 USD )


- You should buy the ticket in advance or make a phone booking to transport companies to pass up being cram or the tickets are sold out.

- The price can be changed without warning.


By Motorbike

You should rent a motorbike to visit the tourist attractions around the city. Some of the hotels in Da Nang also offer motorbikes for rent.

Where to rent motorbike in Da Nang

Truong Dat motorbike company.

  • Tel: 0969.722.744 (talk to Ms.Ha) and 0969.822.844 (talk to Mr.Dat),
  • Address: at 65/86 To Hien Thanh st ( near My Khe beach)
  • Mr.Dat delivers motorbike at hotel and airport. (xemaychothuedanang.com)

Anh Tuan motorbike company (near Da Nang international airport)

  • Address: at 143/16 Tieu La.
  • Tel: 0905.70.80.90 or 0913.418.975 (talk to Mr.Tinh)

Le Truong motorbike company.

  • Tel: 0988.007.001.
  • The owner is very friendly and he usually gives discount for female customers and has a special free offer on coffee, map and fresh water.

Xe Tot motorbike company.

  • Address: at 89 Nui Thanh ( offering the delivery service without discount)
  • Tel: 0988.444.084 or 0906.40.80.40 talk to Ms.Phuong.
  • The price is from 80.000-1,200,000 per day depending on how long you rent the motorbike.

Motorbike for rent service of Mr.Sanh in Da Nang.

  • Address: at 7 Nguyen Duy Hieu st.
  • Tel: 0984.241.372

By Taxi

Taxi is also a good option to travel around Da Nang because it is a small city, you won’t have to spend too much money on going around by taxi.

  • Taxi Mai Linh – (0511).
  • Taxi Hàng Không – (0511).
  • Taxi Sông Hàn – (0511).
  • Taxi Vinasun Green – (0511).

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by https://sites.google.com

Cyclo in Da Nang

If you are looking for a cyclo in Da Nang then the Tourist Cyclo Team run by Danang Center for Tourism Promotion is for you. Da Nang tours for visitors cyclo to many stops as the Museum of Cham Sculpture, Bach Dang Street along the Han River, Nguyen Tat Thanh route hugged dozens of kilometers of coast, Han Market

To have experience of contemplating streets around Da Nang city and observe the daily life of locals, cyclo is the best choice.

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Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by http://baodanang.vn/

Da Nang Center for Tourism Promotion:

  • Add: 32A Phan Dinh Phung – Danang City
  • Tel: +84.511.3863595
  • Fax: +84.511.3863399

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
Website: www.danangtourism.gov.vn

Tourist boat on Han river

There are tourist boats taking you around Da Nang’s bay and Cham island every day so that you can see many gorgeous landscapes of the city as well as enjoy fantastic artistry performances on Han river and Da Nang’s bay with an affordable price.

Bridges in Da Nang

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by Khoi Tran

Han Bridge

Han river bridge - this poetic bridge is the symbol of the city and it is also the very first swing brigde of Vietnam. Every day at 1a.m, Han river bridge turns horizontally an angle of 90 degree to let boats and ships get through and it turn back to the old position at 3:30a.m. Han River Bridge is a symbol of new life, an aspiration of the citizen, was built by contribution of all people.

Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge of Danang city has been voted as one of the definitions of Architectural Masterpieces of the world! It has a huge model of iron dragon on the centre of the bridge with the head directs to the open sea. This iron dragon breathes fire and spouts plumes of water every Saturday and Sunday nights at 9p.m and it is also known as the biggest iron dragon around the world with a unique architecture.

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by ivivu.com

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge

This bridge was built in wartime and nowadays it is preserved as a vestige of the city.

Tran Thi Ly bridge

This bridge is one of the symbols of Da Nang city that has a sail shape and was open for public use on the same day with dragon bridge.

Thuan Phuoc bridge

This is the longest chain-bridge that took 8 years to complete. You have to contemplate this bridge with your own eyes from a short distance to enjoy the whole beauty of lengh of Thuan Phuoc bridge.

Tourist attractions around the city

There are many tourist attractions around the city such as Champa sculpture museum. This is a fantastic place that stores almost the works of sculpture through times of Champa, especilly, the Tara Bodhisattva statue-one of national precious things. Apart fromChampa sculpture museum, touirsts also love to visit Sun Wheel in Asian park or Hoa Phu Thanh ecotourism (place for who love adventure activities), Hai Chau village’s communal house, Con market...ect. The clean and well-aired riverside streets are also great places for tourists to take a walk, enjoy the street foods and contemplate the city.

Beautiful beaches in Da Nang

About 2km away from city centre, you will see My Khe beach - one of the most six beautiful beaches on the planet. The seawater is so pure and fresh that you can see fish moving around your legs and the dazzlingly white waves here are also stronger and more charming than every beach out there.

Aprat from My Khe beach, Pham Van Dong beach and Bac My An beach are also the places that attract many people. Bac My An has deep bule pure seawater and white sands, however, is surround by big resorts that is the reason why there are not many people come here. Though it is not crowded like My Khe beach or Pham Van Dong beach, there are still sea rescue workers watching around to guarantee people’s safety. From here, you can see sunset cover Son Tran peninsula with blue of the sea, the horizon turns pink and dark brown of the forest in the distance...all of that create an amazing picture that you can't believe you are still on land.

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Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by hvtravel.com

On the Son Tra peninsula, there is Linh Ung pagoda - a very famous and big pagoda that has the biggest Goddess of Mercy statue. It’s believed that thanks to the God of Mercy statue, Da Nang don’t have to suffer from too many natural disasters like it did in the past.

Apart from visit Linh Ung pagoda, you can also experience many entertaining activities like go fishing with fisherman, coral diving, explore Son Tra jungle with Son Tra Peninsula Discover Tour or contemplate the whole view of Da Nang from chessbroad peak on Son Tra mountain. It’s always cool up here even in summer time. You can go up here by motorbike in the afternoon to see the twilight covers all the city.

Marble mountains

Marble mountains belong to Ngu Hanh Son district. This place is very famous for Non Nuoc stone carving village which pruduces famous marble products. Marble moutain also has Hang pagodas - a vestige that contains pagpdas stituated on mountain side or in caves. It takes you hours to explore all of Hang pagadas. This is a must-visit place when traveling to Da Nang.

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by Nam-ho Park

Some destinations far from city centre

Apart from beautiful beaches, there are many other interesting places for you to explore as Ba Na hills - Chua mountain (40km), Ran Nam O (15km), Hai Van pass (30km), Lang Co bay (40km), Cham island ( 34km+15km by boat), Hue (100km), Hoi An ancient town (30km), Tam Giang (45km), My Son holy land (60km). In particularly, a trip from Da Nang to Hoi An is the most convenient trip because Hoi An is just 30 km away from Da Nang and it takes you just about 40 minutes to get there by motorbike or you can go to Hoi An by bus that costs only 20.000 vnd. Hoi An is a magical destiantion that recognized as a must visit place in the world by many foreign magazines and it’s truly to say that nowhere elso in the world has ancient peaceful feature like Hoi An.

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by banahills.com

Sun World Ba Na Hills

An Son Hamlet – Hoa Ninh Commune - Hoa Vang District.
Opening time: 07:30 AM - 21:30 PM

25 km to the southwest of Da Nang at an altitude of 1,487m, Ba Na Hills are considered as “One temperate place in the tropical forest” because the climate is cool all the year round and you can enjoy four seasons within a single day.

There are two beautiful and clean one-way streets along both river banks that offer many coffee shops, restaurants and entertainment services for the locals and tourists . People love to walk down the riverside treets at nights because of its fresh and cool atmosphere

If you have time and money, do not skip any destinations suggested above.

Specialized food in Da Nang

1. Quang noodles (Mỳ Quảng)

There are many Quang noodles stalls serving from early morning to 9-10a.m on Hoang Dieu st, Phan Thanh st, Trung Nu Vuong st or Hoang Hoa Tham st and there are also many stalls that offer Quang noodles all day on Nguyen Huu Tho st and Nguyen Cong Tru st. The price relies on the stall that you drop in and it is usualy from 13,000 - 25,000 vnd per bowl and you can order grilled rice paper to eat with this dish and it costs only 3,000 vnd for one.

Da Nang Travel Guide

Photo by Cathy Danh

Where to eat:

- My Quang 1 A

- My Quang Ba Mua

2. Nam o raw fish salad

You have to reach to Nam O area to try out the real taste of this dish or you can eat raw fish salad at 40.000vnd per plate. on some foos stalls on Nguyen Tat Thanh street.

3. Fish pies noodles (Bun chả cá)

There is a shop on Hoang Dieu street (next to Hoang Anh Gia Lai tower) that offer good fish pies noodle all day from 7a.m - 9p.m. There is a shop on Hung Vuong st selling this dish overnight while another shop on Tran Cao Van street only serving from 6a.m-10a.m. This dish costs about 20.000 for a normal bowl and 25.000vnd for a special one.

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by Hoian FoodTour

Where to eat:

- Bun cha ca Nguyen Chi Thanh

4. Pork rice paper rolls (Bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo)

You must try out this food at shops locating on Chau Thi Vinh Te st, Hai Phong st, Duy Tan st, Le Duan st or Do Thuc Thinh st. This special food cost from 30.000-80.000vnd per plate.

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Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by Quốc Anh QAG

Where to eat:

- Tran restaurant

5. Vietnamese savoury crepe (Bánh xèo)

You must try out this dish at Ba Duong shop on Hoang Dieu st or some shops locating on Hai Phong st. It costs about 5.000vnd per one crepe.

Where to eat:

- Banh xeo Ba Duong

6. Vietnamese savoury steamed rice cake (Bánh bèo)

The vendors in Con market are those who serve the best savoury steamed rice cake in Da Nang. Besides, you can try this dish at some shops on Hoang Dieu street, Hai Phong street, or a shop on Ong Ich Khiem street, however, this shop only serves Bánh bèo from September to Febuary annually. It cost only 1.500vnd per small bowl.

7. Cau Mong grilled veal (Bò tái Cầu Moosng)

The best grilled veal is in Cau Mong, Dien Ban district, Quang Nam province that is about 15km from Da Nang.

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by dulichdanang123

8. Xoa xoa hat luu sweet soup

There are many food stalls offer this kind of sweet soup, however, the best place serving it is in Con market. Besides, you can eat xoa xoa hat luu sweet soup at some shops on Tran Binh Trong st or Phan Thanh st and it costs about 5.000vnd for one glass of sweet soup.

Where to eat:

- Che Huong

- Thanh Trang sweet soup shop

9. Unripe jackfruit salad

You can have the best of this dish on Ong Ich Duong st or Pham Van Nghi st and it costs only 10.000vnd per plate.

Where to eat:

- Mixed young jackfruit shop

10. Banh trang kep

There are many place selling this dish like a shop in a alley near Thang Long hotel that situating on Dien Bien Phu st or Ba Tu food stall at 354 Le Duan st. It costs about 3.000-5.000vnd for one pie.

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by mocqueanh0605

11. sticky rice ice-cream

Selling on Ngo Si Lien st, Hoa Khanh precinct wwith the price from 7.000-12.000vnd per glass.

12. Cocktail soya-cake

You can order this food at shop on Nguyen Van Linh st. It costs 14.000vnd per plate.

13. Salted yoghurt and frozen jackfruit.

You can order this food at some shops in 3 district near Nguyen Van Troi bridge and it costs only 10.000vnd for a tray of 10 jars of yoghurt and 5.000vnd for a small pack of frozen jackfruit.

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Places for shopping in Da Nang

COOPMART super market is a great place for you to shop that has a modern and civilized serving style and combines with many type of services to offer consumers the best place for shopping and relax.

Han market

Han market was established sine 1940 and has been existed for decades. At first, this was just a spontaneous trading centre of a group of people. After that there were many Chinese and Vietnamese dealers built many shopping stalls around the market and made it become more and more bustling. Nowadays, it becomes one of the biggest markets of Da Nang.

Da Nang Travel GuideThere are also several places that tourists like to drop in like: Da Nang square, Con market, fabric shops or painting shop.

Hotel in Da Nang

You can choose to stay in some hotel near My Khe beach or Pham Van Dong beach so that you can walk down to the beach everywhen you want. Besides, hotels near Han river are also great and it usually costs less money than staying near the beaches. The price for one night is from 20$-1000$ depends on whichs hotel or resorts you chose. There are several beautiful resorts near beaches like Furama, InterContinental, Fusion Maia, Furama, Hyatt, Crown Plaza, Life Style, Ocean Villas…

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net

Or you can choose some popular hotel (1-1.5 star) with a much lower price (from 200.000-35.000vnd per night) for example:

  • Nguyen hotel: This hotel offers a good quality of rooms and especially it is near My Khe beach with the price is from 350,000 - 750,000 vnd.

Address: Nguyễn Hotel: 38-–39 area no.387 Mỹ Khê beach, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam.

Tel: 0905.30.40.50.

  • Thanh Nhan hotel:

Address: 227 Nguyen Van Thoai

Tel: 0935.139.979

This hotel is just 50m away from My Khe beach and it is a new hotel so the rooms are still in good condition and the owner usually offer many discount programs for customers so you can book room here which may cost only from 280,000 to 550,000 a room per night.

  • Phung Hoang hotel: This is a hotel located in the city centre that offers good service with a low price ( about 350,000 vnd per night for a room) and it is also near the airport so it’s pretty convenient for you to moving around.

Address: 251 Nguyen Huu Tho.

Tel: 0988.007.001

Itinerary for traveling to Da Nang

A 4 days 3 ngiths itinerary is a ideal one for you to visit all attractive destinations in Da Nang

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by Hai Van

  • Day 1: For the start, you should explore Marble mountains, then move to Hoi An ancient town and An Bang beach. You can choose to stay overnight in Hoi An or back to Da Nang. If you choose to stay in Hoi An, you can search for some 1 star hotels in Hoi An ( with the price is from 300,000vnd per night for one room).
  • Day 2: From Da Nang, get to Ba Na hills - Chua muontain in the early morning and back to the city when the night falls down. It is a pretty expensive activity as it costs 500,000 vnd per person for entrance fee and transfer by cable car. You should take some snack and food or drink with you for saving money. Back to the city in the afternoon to enjoy beaches and have dinner at some of restaurants around the city. You can take a walk down streets along the river bank as Bach Dang street at night and hang out with your family or friends at A la carte rooftop bar.

Da Nang Travel Guide

Photo by Panagiotis Papadopoulos

Son Tra Peninsula

Tho Quang Ward, Da Nang, Viet Nam
Opening time: 06:00 AM - 21:30 PM

Son Tra mountain (known as Monkey mountain) is on SonTra peninsula, with the perfect combination within ocean, tracks, and nature. Great for your private day.

  • Day 3: Visit some places around the city like Champa sculpture museum, My Khe beach or Son Tra peninsula in one day. At night, you can go around the city to see the beauty of Da Nang at night or you can also drop in Luna Pub for a crazy night out.
  • Day 4: After visiting all destination around the city, you can rent a motorbike to reach up to Hai Van pass, Lang Co bay or catch a bus to Hue city. Hai Van pass or Lang Co bay are the gorgeous places attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. However, you have to plan a good schedule to make sure you can get back Da Nang on time.

Hai Van Pass

Hoa Hiep Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang, Viet Nam
Opening time: 06:00 AM - 21:30 PM

Hai Van Pass is one of the most scenic hillside roads in Vietnam. When braving the steep winding roads of a paved mountain pass, you will have a chance to discover peace, quiet and history along the way.

Entertainment activities in Da Nang

Beach sports and entertainments

  • Dana Beach Club

Address: Sao Bien park, My Khe, Da Nang. This is a general entertaining area including restaurant, outdoor state of music and catwalk, beach sport area that offers many interesting activities like water-skiing, jetsky, sailboat...and beach bar area serving 24/24 with disco and DJ music. Moreover, this place also has camping fire and outdoor activites for group of tourists.

Camping, pinic, stream, go fishing

There are many ideal places to go pinic or camping like Son Tra peninsula or Non Nuoc beach. Or you also take part in coral diving or go for a surfing class at Da Nang surf school .

Nightlife activites in Da Nang

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by New Phương Đông Club

Travel tips

  • The airport is located in the centre of city and it costs about 50,000 vnd to move from airport to Han river bridge
  • The farther the hotel and restaurants are, the cheaper it costs.
  • If you are cheated on bills, contact market manager branch office via hot line: 0511.3825467 or 090.3502480 and the local inspection of department of culture, sport and tourism via hot line: 0511.3886761 or 090.5155159. You problems will be solved as soon as possible.
  • Don't forget to bargain for a good price.
  • Remember to bring hats, sun cream. Sport shoes and sandals are the best choice for traveling. It’s sometimes scorching hot in Da Nang.
  • Remember to visit Linh Ung pagoda and climb up to chessbroad peak when you reach to Son Tra peninsula. You can take the panorama of the the city.
  • The dragon bridge breathes fire and spouts plumes of water every Saturday and Sunday nights at 9p.m
  • Every day at 1a.m, Han river bridge turns horizontally an angle of 90 degree

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Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by Khoi Tran

  • Every house in Hoi An ancient town turns off the lights and use lantern at every 14th day of the luna month.
  • The best place for renting motorbike is Tuan Khoa company.
  • Tel: 0942.015.017 – 0946.015.017.
  • Get notice on the traffic to keep safety.
  • Check out carefully about the quality and deal the price before you decide to purchase.
  • Mai Linh taxi, Xanh taxi or Song Han taxi is a trustable taxi service. Remember to keep registration number of the taxi that you get on as well as the phone number of that taxi company and police’s phone number also.

Da Nang Travel GuidePhoto by Maarten Thewissen


- Plan 1 day in Da Nang

- 3 days in Da Nang for backpackers

- Da Nang with kids for 3 days

PLAN A TRIP TO DA NANG with Justgola now!


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