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Things to do

Best Places For Outdoor Activities In ...

If you wanna take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life and discover the great outdoors of Hong Kong, here are some of the best places to come!

Travel Idea

Popular Spots For Shopping In Hong Kong

Offering one of the widest and most exclusive ranges of products, from international luxury goods to local souvenirs, Hong Kong is probably the best shopping place in the world.

Travel Idea

Hong Kong Airport Guide

Hong Kong has an airport situated quite far away from the city center (more than 40 kilometers). There are many choices of airport transportation you can take, varied from public buses to luxurious ...

Local Food

Bucket List Restaurants In Kong Kong ...

If you’re visiting Hong Kong, you’ll soon come to realize that there’s just not enough time and stomach space for you to savor everything here. So here are some top local restaurants for you to try ...

Things to do

Top Things To Do That Won't Cost A ...

Hong Kong is not exactly a budget destination. However, with wide outdoor space full of fascinating activities, you 'll soon realize that some of the best things to do here are free.

Local Food

Famous Chinese Food To Eat Before You ...

The meat is prized for its thin, crisp skin, with authentic versions of the dish serving mostly the skin and little meat, sliced in front of the diners by the c1.Peking Roast Duckook.

Travel Tip

Hong Kong Scams And How To Avoid

Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of Asia’s most appealing destinations. Sadly, there are some dishonest people who take advantage of that, making it inevitable for some tourists to be a victim of scams ...


Where To Find Good Dim Sum In Hong Kong

It is impossible to visit Hong Kong without trying one of the famous dim sum items here. If you can't make up your mind where to try, here are some of the best dim sum restaurants to dine at!


Top 7 Cheap Hotel Less Than US$ 30 ...

Staying on a budget while traveling in an expensive city like Hong Kong can be quite a challenge, yet not impossible. Take a look at top 7 hostels which would cost you less than US $30 in ...

Travel Tip

What And Where To Eat In Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a stunning array of delicacies from street stalls to Michelin-starred restaurants. It is hard, sometimes, to make up your mind what to try on the first time visiting here, so here ...


Hong Kong To Macau By Ferry

The ferry is the only practical way to travel between Hong Kong and Macau. Here is some information you need to know about this means of transport in order to get to Macau from Hong Kong.