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Best Central Areas To Stay In Taipei

Best Central Areas To Stay In Taipei

Taipei is world renowned for its develeloping economy and amusing entertainment. Once you are in Taipei, you will be drawn with both ancient yet modern features and enjoyable activities.

As Taipei has so much to offer, it's a hard task to find a place to stay in the city. To help you get the ball rounded, we sum up 3 areas you should stay in your short or long term trip to Taipei.

1. Ximending

Best Central Areas To Stay In Taipei

Photo by floraisabelle.com

This area is one of the most attractive tourist places in Taipei that offers countless shopping as well as entertaining centers. Ximending is the place to pick up spices, souvenirs, try local food and have your tailoring done.

Ximending is packed full of excellent food at rock-bottom prices. After satisfying your shopping dream, make sure to check out the local cuisine from sit-down restaurants to the reigns of street hawkers.

Also, don't forget to connect with the local; chat up your receptionists, ask the motel staff for food suggstion or share with them your thoughts about Taipei. All these small treats make your trip awesome.

Another important reason to stay in Ximending is that this area is so close to the Taipei main station and there is a modern MRT system together with bus routes to get around the city.

The hotel or motel costs are diverse. They start at 15 usd and go upward from there.

Some suggested hotels in Ximending area:

2. Xinyi

Best Central Areas To Stay In TaipeiPhoto by commons.wikimedia.org

Xinyi is one of the central districts of Taipei. People also call it the heaviest commercial district in Taipei which has thousands of big and small business centers running by day and night.

The area gathers a number of restaurants serving any types of foods you can think of. The diverse nightlife in Xinyi makes it suitable for people with different interests. Western influences have also been embraced to transform some of the traditional Chinese features into up-to-date trends in Xinyi. This means you can spend any cash you want on a shopping, food and entertaining tour around the area.

Xinyi is famous for the Taipei 101, the tallest building tower of Taiwan where you can hop on the observation and reward yourself with a marvelous view over the city. The district is also a small heaven for book lovers with the flagship Eslie bookstore which is compared as an Asian book hub covering over 8,000 square meters of books.

Even if you don’t want to go shopping, Xiniyi makes for a relaxing destination in an otherwise frenetic city with Elephant mountain. It is the most accessible one among the Four Beast mountains in Taipei. Climb up the mountain, have a break and wait for the pink orange sunset, all your daily anxieties will be washed away.

Some budget hotels in Xinyi or near Taipei 101:

3. Zhongshan

Best Central Areas To Stay In TaipeiPhoto by commons.wikimedia.org

If you are thinking that Taipei is only good for those who love lively streets, entertainment and shopping, you should make a second thought as this little city has a potential charm waiting to be discovered.

"Peaceful, quiet and tranquil" are the inviting adjectives people often use to describe Zhongshan. This district is a reminder of the town traquility and ancient houses.

Taipei Fine Art Museum - the largest place exhibiting modern art in the city, Lin An Tai ancestral house representing traditional Taiwan houses or Xing Tian temple, one of the most beautiful and largest temples in Taipei are some of the highlight for a beautiful and easy wander around the city.

Additionally, you could spend days exploring the grounds of the walled off city admiring the colourful temples and the various lush gardens throughout Taipei.

Some ideal hotels in zhongshan

Here are some suggested itineraries for family holiday in Taipei

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