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ATMs In Hoi An

ATMs In Hoi An

ATMs are available on several main streets in Hoi An. There are 26 ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) in Hoi An which open 24 hours. There aren’t so many in the old town but you can easily find one on Le Loi and Tran Hung Dao street. Sometimes, these ATMs can be a little unreliable with the outages, make sure you have enough cash on hand.

ATMs In Hoi AnPhoto by http://hoianfoodtour.com/

Vietcombank is the most usual exchanger and ATM service in Hoi An, which accepts nearly all overseas cards. Other banks will only accept foreign cards which have been registered before with their banks.

Be aware of the ATM limits in Hoi An. Most of the ATMs only allow you to withdraw 2 million VND ($100) at a time.

ATMs In Hoi An

Photo by thinkpanama

For each time of withdrawal, you are charged for 20,000 VND fee. Hence, you should withdraw a large amount of money at one time as it helps you to save a lot of money.

Don’t use an ordinary debit card in Hoi An or Vietnam since it will charge you three times the amount you would pay.

ATMs In Hoi AnPhoto by William Grootonk

There are two languages presented on ATM screens as Vietnamese and English. However, they use terms in a different way compared with yours.

It's advisable to notify your bank that you will travel oversea so that your card will not be blocked when you use it abroad. It is explained as many banks will block credit cards when they are used outside the homeland.

There is a limit on the number of actual notes a machine can dispense. Sometimes the solution is as simple as taking your card and moving to the next machine.

Tips to eliminate ATM Fees:

Firstly, pick a bank in the Global ATM Network which offers free ATM withdrawal fee outside your network. Check with local bank on specific areas whether there are exceptions for ATM fee.

Secondly, you’d better use Charles Schwab bank if you are a US resident. Charles Schwab’s card can be used in any bank machine around the world, and you will never pay a fee.

Thirdly, get a low fee card. HSBC is an example. It has ATMs all over the world and charges only $2.50 USD per ATM transaction when you use a non-HSBC ATM.

Finally, ask your local bank or credit union whether they charge oversea ATMs fees.

ATMs In Hoi AnPhoto by http://hoianfoodtour.com/

These are addresses and locations of ATM in Hoi An:

1. Hoi An Industrial& Commercial Bank

  • Address 1: 4 Hoang Dieu St, Hoi An and 9 Le Loi St. These ATMs both change cash and travellerscheques, offer Visa advances and have ATMs.
  • Address 2: Thanh Binh Hotel II, 712 Hai Ba Trung St
  • Limit: 2 million
  • Fee: 20,000 VND/ withdrawal

2. Dong A Bank

  • Address:298 Ly ThuongKiet St
  • Address: 06 Tran Hung Dao St
  • Address:265 Cua Dai St
  • Address: 4 Nguyen Tat Thanh St
  • Address: 6 Tran Hung Dao
  • Limit: 2 million Fee: 20,000 VND/ withdrawal

3. Techcombank

  • Address: 40 Tran Hung Dao St
  • Address: 627 Hai Ba Trung St
  • Limit: 2 million
  • Fee: 20,000 VND/ withdrawal

4. Hoi An Rural Development & Agriculture Bank

  • Address: 12 Tran Hung Dao St
  • Address: 255 Cua Dai St
  • Address: 6 Hoang Dieu St
  • Address: 92 Tran Phu St.
  • Limit: 5 million
  • Fee: 20,000/ Withdrawal

5. Asia Comercial Bank (ACB Bank)

  • 572 Cua Dai
  • Limit: 5 million Fee: 20,000 VND/ withdrawal

6. Joint Stock Commerical Bank For Foreign Trade of Viet Nam (Vietcombank)

  • Address:Dong An Beach Hotel, Cua Dai St
  • Address: 642 Hai Ba Trung
  • Address: 6 Tran Hung Dao St
  • Address: 37 B Tran Hung Dao St
  • Address: Phuong Dong Hotel, 97 Phan Chu Trinh St.
  • Limit:5 million
  • Fee: 20,000 VND/ withdrawal

ATMs In Hoi AnPhoto by http://hoianfoodtour.com/

7. Southern Bank

  • Address: 91 Tran Hung Dao St.
  • Address: Limit: 3 million Fee: 20,000 VND/ withdrawal


  • Address: 28 Tran Hung Dao St
  • Address:91 Tran Hung Dao St
  • Address: 06 Tran Hung Dao St
  • Limit: 2 million
  • Fee: 20,000 VND/ withdrawal

9. Viet A Bank

  • Address: 2 Phan Chau Trinh St.
  • Address: Limit: 2 million
  • Fee:20,000 VND/ withdrawal

10. Bank for investment and development of Viet Nam (BIDV)

  • Address: 580 Cua Dai St
  • Limit: 5 million
  • Fee: 20,000 VND/ withdrawal

11. Military Bank

  • Address: 02 Tran Hung Dao St.
  • At the corner of Hai Ba Trung and Ba Trieu street, opposite the Dong A bank
  • Limit: 5 million
  • Fee: Free

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