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9 Things You Can Get For Free in Singapore

9 Things You Can Get For Free in Singapore

Although Singapore is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, it’s is a very attractive tourist destination that everyone wish to visit once in their lifetime. Travel in Singapore is no longer stressful in term of the financial budget with these Top 9 Free and fun things to do in Singapore.

1. Attend a free concert at the Esplanade Mall

9 Things You Can Get For Free in SingaporePhoto By William Cho

The concert at the esplanade mall is one of the best free world-class artful performances that no one wants to miss in Singapore. They have regular performances held on the compound throughout the week. The shows on offer cut across cultures and genres. You can catch from Western concerts to Chinese plays. Enjoy some free live music with the island’s gorgeous CBD skyline in the background.

2. Eat for FREE

9 Things You Can Get For Free in SingaporePhoto By B_cool

Surprisingly, there are some special places you can have some food for free. The Buddhist Lodge temple, located in the River Valley area is famous for its free meals out for vegetarians every day. And you don’t need to be a low-income individual to enjoy it. Many Buddhist temples in Singapore offer the free food service but Buddhist Lodge has the biggest buffet offer with many different dishes such as soups, congee, noodles, vegetables, and fruits. If you can’t pay in cash, do leave a donation so that the temple can provide better food for the poor and the elderly.

3. Go on a free tour around Singapore

9 Things You Can Get For Free in SingaporePhoto by http://www.changiairport.com/

The Singapore free tour is operated by a group of passionate students from the Nanyang Technological University’s Tourism and Hospitality Management Club. The team will take you to the Singapore River and Bugis and Bras Basah area, the colonial and cultural districts to explore the brilliance of Singapore’s past and present. A short stop at Merlion Park enables you to take a great photo with the standing symbol of Singapore. The stopover is at Kampong Glam is the best chance to get involved in one of Singapore’s colorful ethnic precincts.

4. WILD dolphin watching at the Sisters Islands Marine Park

The water here is warm and blue. That makes it is a perfect place for snorkeling lovers to explore Singapore’s richest coral reefs and diverse biodiversity of marine life. Especially, you do not miss out dolphins watching, which is a highlight of the park.

Apart from snorkeling and swimming in clear waters, travelers can have a good picnic under shady palm trees or a camping after getting permission. There will have free guided tours on offer here.

Getting Here: Check out the photojournal this year here.

5. Free Movies Under the Stars and Clouds

MovieMob is a free Outdoor Movie Screening program that takes place in all locations around Singapore. Movie Mob brings you the best outdoor movie experience that you can dream of. The drive-in concept and picnic events are very popular in the community.

9 Things You Can Get For Free in SingaporePhoto by sistent08

The movie as displayed at many different locations across Singapore. Greatly, you can vote for the movie you wish to see! It’s unbeatable experience when sitting on the grass ground, enjoying some foods while watching your favorite film around friendly locals. You will definitely love it. You should follow their Facebook page for updates and more information.

6. A Free Market.

Yes, it’s free market, not a flea market. You may not know such attractive thing existing in Singapore. The Really, Really Free Market (RRFM) forms temporary markets where everything is offered for free grabs. When the Singapore Really Free Market (SRRFM) event is happening, just drop in to share something and take back something. However, no one likes a free-loader soit’s encouraged to pay the kindness forward. You should bring your stuff to contribute to the flea ‘booth’! There is also a kendo workshop occurring afterward. If you are interested in this place, stay updated on their Facebook page.

7. Picnic at the Esplanade Roof Garden

If you think Singapore is very amazing during the day, it’s even more splendid at night. Why don’t feast your eyes on spectacular night views of the sparkling city in an iconic architectural structure of Esplanade Roof Garden

9 Things You Can Get For Free in Singapore

Photo By Erwin Soo

The Esplanade Roof Garden has an ideal locations where you can enjoy a romantic laid-back evening with your beloved ones. After wandering along the beautiful Singapore

River, you can head to the roof garden to enjoy an amazing view of Marina Bay Sands, and the One Fullerton.
Address: 8 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039802.

8. Feed the animals at Farmart

Farmart Centre is a combination of retail shops, food stalls, and an animal corner. Farmart is a perfect option for families with kids. On weekends and public holidays, they allow children to get closer to goats, tortoises, rabbits, hamsters and more. You can experience feeding lovely animals at Farmart for free and get closer to goats, rabbits and tortoises. Entrance to Farmart is free but you'll have by animal’s food at a small cost. Wandering around, you can find great aquariums, agriculture products, and food stores. The Uncle William Farm Tours in the part offers tours such as short talks on quail egg farming and a day tour to the Kranji/Lim Chu Kang area.

9. Explore Singapore at PulauUbin's first ever #instawalk!

MND runs #instawalks frequently and they are totally free to participate in. As the #instawalk name suggest, the place is a normal walk filled with Instagram moments! So what is the goal? They aim to show the beauty of Singapore nature on Instagram. The staff at TheSmartLocal will be more than happy to help you organize the first ever #Instawalk at PulauUbin and it has no charge.

9 Things You Can Get For Free in SingaporePhoto By William Cho.

If you've not been to PulauUbin, it’s a great opportunity to explore the lovely island that left behind by time. Transport, guides, and refreshments will be available

How to get to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore

If Singapore is on the list of your trip to Southeast Asian, then Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s cosmopolitan capital is your perfect next destination. Located about 320km to the northwest of Singapore, the city can be reachable by many modes of transportation such as plane, train, or automobile.


There are more than 25 flights every day from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Wonderfully, they are almost budget airlines operating this route. The rates are surprisingly as cheap as taking a bus. A one way flight with AirAsia, Jetstar, or Tiger Airways can be under S$30 including other taxes and fees. Flight duration is about 45 minutes. You should remember that you have to check-in, at least, one hour before flight time, then clear immigration at Kuala Lumpur airport. You may take a bus to the city center for one hour.


9 Things You Can Get For Free in SingaporePhoto By B772ER

When arriving at Kuala Lumpur Airport, travel by bus to the downtown Kuala Lumpur is the most popular and quickest way. The bus duration is dependent on traffic condition and immigration. Kuala Lumpur buses can be easily found many places around the island. You are advised to book in advance since and many bus companies has recently offered online ticket booking on weekends and public holidays.

There are luxury buses departing from Singapore tourist destinations such as Orchard Road, Clarke Quay, and Harbourfront Centre. They cost from S$40- to S$60 for a one-way trip. The buses are equipped with very up to date facilities such as modern personal TVs, comfortable massage chairs, and good WiFi. The operators are Aeroline, Luxury Tours & Travel, and Odyssey Express.

Average operators include Consortium, Transnasional Express, andStarmart Express. Most buses depart from Lavender Street Bus Station or the Golden Mile Complex which cost from S$23 to S$35for one-way travel. There’s a bus to Kuala Lumpur every 1.5 hours from 07:30–23:30.

The cheaper solution is using public transportation. You can head to the Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru where cheap ticket costs half as much can be found.

9 Things You Can Get For Free in SingaporePhoto By Calvin Teo

The KTMB train is the final way we would like to recommend to you as it’ the slowest way to get to Kuala Lumpur. The plus for these buses is their comfort and scenic scenery of kampongs and palm oil plantations. Two-day trains start at 8:00 and 13:00 or some overnight trains at 22:30 are available. The two-day train takes about 6 hours and the overnight one can take up to 8 hours, but you should mind that delays aren’t unusual. The fare is from S$19 to S$68 but sleeping berths can cost S$40-139.

You can completely explore the best of Singapore without spending too much with these Top 9 Free and fun things to do in Singapore. Luckily, they are almost Singapore highlights. Then heading to Kuala Lumpur is a perfect choice to have the most memorable trip to remember.

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