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10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You Leave

10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You Leave

1. Pad See Ew

This dish is considered as one of well-known dishes when it comes to Thai Cuisine. The soft, chewy and fresh rice noodle is pan-fried with Chinese broccoli and soya sauces which create a rich texture of Pad see ew. It’s no doubt that Pad see ew has become a standard meal for not only the Thai but also the worldwide foodies. This dish can also be used with chicken or pork and fried egg. In addition, it can be made hot and more appealing at the table with chili garlic sauce. It is simple to make Pad See Ew and you will find the required ingredients quite easily. Try to cook at home, but there is one thing for sure it might not be as good as street food stalls in Bangkok.

Where to eat

  • Ran Guay Jab Jaedang, Ratchawithi Street, Bangkok

10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You LeavePhoto by recipetineats

2.Som Tam

There are many tourists finding it hard to leave Bangkok because they already fell for a local dish called “Son Tam” – made from green papaya. Son Tam is one of the most commonly available and consumed dishes not only in Bangkok but also around Thailand. You probably find this food in Cambodia, Laos, however, Som Tam of Thailand is still the best.It is sweeter, purer and served with some beans. There are many different versions of this easy-to-addict salad. Some includes fermented fish sauce or salted preserved egg. For the original version, the ingredients are quite simple with green papaya, palm sugar, fish sauce, dried shrimp, sida tomatoes, garlic, chili and some roasted peanuts. All ingredients are mixed thoroughly with each other. And you’ve got the sourness, sweetness, saltiness and spiciness are harmonized, it’s when Som Tam is ready to be an amazing must-eat food in the afternoon of Bangkok.

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10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You LeavePhoto by templeofthai

Where to eat

  • Ran Guay Jab Jaedang, Ratchawithi Street, Bangkok

3.Moo Ping

Moo Ping is also known as grilled pork on a skewer (Moo means Pork and Ping is Grill). The favorite local food is very popular and is mostly sold in early morning and late afternoon. Moo ping is served with or without sticky rice and These mouth-watering pork skewers will not break your bank account. Pork is marinated in a special kind of fish sauce. While being grilled, the pork is regularly brushed with coconut milk. It would be fantastic to enjoy this dish with spicy chili dipping sauce named Jaew. The smell is kind of irresistible. Moo Ping is deserved to be a good finger-food for your own parties.

10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You LeavePhoto by pinterest

Where to eat

  • Pushcart street food stalls in markets, sidewalks or busy areas of town in Bangkok

4.Guay Teow Rhua

This traditional dish is often sold on the boats in a lot of canals of Thailand. Nowadays, Guay Teow Rhua is known as the local popular street food you must try once you visit Bangkok. This dish is cooked with water morning glory, bean sprouts, beef or pork served with noodles. The most important ingredient is a fresh sprinkle of pig’s blood. They cook the blood instantly when it is hit by the boiling soup and curdled up into the broth till it is made into intensely porky flavorsome liquid. The seller often presents Guay Teow Rhua in a small bowl. They deliver bowls of boat noodles usually served with haste, which keeps you order more and more.

10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You LeavePhoto by http://www.sbs.com.au/

Where to eat

  • Boat Noodle Alley, Victory Monument, Bangkok

5.Khao Pad Poo (Fried Rice with Crab)

Among the fried rice dishes, Khao Pad Poo is deserved to be the king of them all. This dish is often served on special occasions or meetings with important guests. Khao Pad Poo is made from Jasmine rice, Thai fish sauce and crab. Poo means fresh crab but crab will be fried with rice and egg. This fried rice is served with a slice of lemon. It’s worth a try when you are tired after a long visiting day in Bangkok.

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10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You LeavePhoto by http://www.foodspotting.com/

Where to eat

  • Sornthong Seafood Restaurant - 2829 Rama 4 Road, Bangkok, Thailand

6.Moo Dad Diew

It is a Thai authentic appetizer and so popular that you should mark into your “Must-try” list when you visit Thailand. Moo Dad Diew is pork marinated in deep black soy sauce, fish sauce and mashed coriander roots. Afterwards, this mixture will be semi-dried, then deep-fried till it turns to flavorful golden brown. It’s when the pork is soft and juicy. The pork skewers can be served with tasty chili dipping sauce. And it would be so wonderful if you try this dish with a bottle of beer walking around Bangkok.

10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You LeavePhoto by http://www.yelp.com/

Where to eat

  • Ta Bun Tum, at Pin Ngen Market block R28-R29 next to Major Pinklao

7.Kanom Jeen

This is a favorite local food which Thai people often have for breakfast. Kanowm Jeen is a dish of several flavors. You can try it with different tastes depending on which vegetables you choose. The noodle is made from fermented rice, and topped with fish or chicken curry. Although this food is cooked with coconut milk, it is still light and not too creamy. Kanom Jeen is served with fresh or stirred vegetables, salted cucumbers and different kinds of salted vegetables.

10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You LeavePhoto by http://learnthaiwithmod.com/

Where to eat

  • Kolun, Thanon Mahanop, Bankok

8.Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea)

You can find Cha Yen at every store all over the world. Cha Yen brings the strong taste of black tea mixed with anise and mashed tamarind seeds creating a typical red-orange color for this drink. To augment the flavor, the sellers often mix with condensed milk. Tourists often choose Cha Yen as a companion while exploring the heaven of Bangkok street food and never get bored with this drink.

10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You Leave

Photo by http://www.muay-tea.com.au/

Where to drink

  • Coffee stalls, drink stand or restaurants in Bangkok

9.Khao Niew Ma Muang (Mango sticky rice)

Khao Niew Ma Muang is one of the dishes having a harmony of the most perfect ingredients in this planet. Sticky rice, slices of mango are served with coconut milk. This dish is very popular and is a favorite dessert for both Thai people and foreigners when mango season comes. Khao Niew Ma Muan is sometime served with peanuts, roasted sesame seeds or small beans.

10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You LeavePhoto by http://thailantour.com

Where to eat

  • Thonglor night market, Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok.

10.Khanom krok

Khanom Krok is also known as Thai special coconut puddings. This is a very delicious dessert of Thailand. And you can try it easily at local street food stalls in every part of this country, especially in Bangkok. This Thai pudding has its two layers: one is the rice flour, followed by sweet and rich coconut milk. Thai people often bake this pudding on the pan placed over the coal stove in the round clay. Make sure the heat is medium to avoid the bottom layer from being burned. A ready-to- serve Khanom krok has a soft, smooth top and nice crispy bottom.

10 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You LeavePhoto by http://www.rachelcooksthai.com

Where to eat

  • Local markets or Siam Panda in Siam Square

Thirsty for more Thai cuisine in Bangkok? Stay tuned, foodies! All the local street food here will be explored and updated so quickly that you will be full just by seeing the pictures and reading our blogs.

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