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Zhushan Township is an urban township in the southwest part of Nantou County, Taiwan, and off the south shore of Zhuoshui River.

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Why Zhushan is special ?

Zhushan Township is an urban township in the southwest part of Nantou County, Taiwan, and off the south shore of Zhuoshui River. By reaching the Jianshan mountain top you can view the entire Jhushan area. In the morning you can stride in the settlement and enjoy the rustic quiet. The evening is a good time to take photographs. Zhushan at sunset, with the reflection of the Tai Tam, is so beautiful it looks like a painting. There's a lot of homestay services for those who want to discover Zhushan more than one day.

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What to explore at Zhushan?

There are many attractions for you to discover when visiting Zhushan Township. The Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park is a park in Zhushan Township, Nantou County, Taiwan established to commemorate the 921 earthquake in 1999. It is the subordinate park to the National Museum of Natural Science.

In order to make tourists easier to reach Taiji Canyon (太極峽谷), the government built a sky ladder suspension bridge on 2 precipices crossing a river. Zhushan Sky Ladder (竹山天梯) used to be one of the only 2 suspension bridges with ladder in the world. The length is 136 meters with 208 steps and the difference of height is around 20 meters.

You can also visit Beishi Xigu (north force creek valley), Shadonggong National Earthquake Park, Sun Link Sea Forest Recreational Area, Xiaping Natural Education Park, etc. Zhushan Township will be a destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Taiwan.

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How to get to Zhushan?

Railway: no train through Zhushan Township, but can boarding the train at Ershui Station.

Highway: Tai 3 Line, through downtown of Zhushan

Formasa Freeway Nat'l No.3 Zhushan IC at 243.7 km.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/

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Zhushan, Nantou, Taiwan

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