Zhejiang University

Attraction 38 Zheda Rd Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China 310027 Published on: 30-08-2016

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One of China's largest library collections, containing 6.9 million volumes, can be found at this east coast university, where more than 8,400 faculty are responsible for 39,000 students.

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Why Zhejiang University is special ?

Founded in 1897, as one of the oldest institutions, Zhejiang University (ZJU) is a leading research university and has always been ranked among the few top universities in China in terms of its comprehensive academic strength shown in teaching, research and social service. ZJU is the most comprehensive university in China whose fields of studies cover 12 major branches of learning, namely philosophy, education, literature, history, management, science, engineering, economics, law, agriculture, arts and medicine; and offers various degree or non-degree study programs. There were over 5,200 international students from 130 countries studying in ZJU in 2013. With students from a great number of nationalities, the university provides students good opportunities to understand and experience different cultures.

Source: http://www.csc.edu.cn/

What to explore at Zhejiang University?

Xixi Campus (Chinese: 西溪校区)

The campus of arts and sciences. It was previously Hangzhou University before it's merged into Zhejiang University in 1998.

Huajiachi Campus (Chinese: 华家池校区)

The campus of agriculture. It was previously Zhejiang Agricultural University before it's merged into Zhejiang University, and also where the old Huajiachi Campus of "National Che Kiang University" located. This campus has been the oldest one of Zhejiang University.

A part of it has already been sold, and the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology and the College of Animal Sciences have moved to Zijin'gang Campus.

Zhijiang Campus (Chinese: 之江校区)

The old campus of mathematics and related theoretical sciences, at present the main part of which is Guanghua Law School. It was the campus of Zhijiang University before 1952.

Zijin'gang Campus (Chinese: 紫金港校区)

New and the biggest campus, the headquarters, campus of medical school, located in the northwest of Hangzhou. Most of the first year and second year undergraduate students live in this campus.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhejiang_University

Selling points

  • “Beautiful & renowned”
  • “Beautiful oasis in the city”
  • “Top Chinese university”
  • “A good environment and academic atmosphere”
  • “Lovely Campus”
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38 Zheda Rd Xihu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China 310027

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Tips for you

  • There is a small street with plenty of food near east door
  • You can have meals in the canteen or go to the food street of Qing Zhiwu to taste all kinds of snacks.
  • You can take a picture of the main gate and a picture in front of the giant Mao statue.
  • Take the path round the back of the Library - there's a lovely landscaped area to sit and eat a picnic/throw a frisbee round
    Things to do
  • It is very large that walking through the campus costs a little bit time and strength
  • If you want to tour the university, the best place to do it is at Yuquan Campus, specifically the corner of YuGu Lu and ZheDa Lu.


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Big Mao statue, biggest ive seen sofar right on the main avenue. Leafy stroll and funny department names, mechanical bionanics desings... one cant use the canteens without a student card though.

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Love it. It is Zhijiang campus of Zhejiang University. Compared its other campus, it is more quite and of nature beauty, located in the hill. And especially its library, the half-way down the hill!!!

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We've travelled to Hangzhou because my son is studying there for a year abroad. They have a good international program (he's studying Chinese language). His room is larger than his dorm room in the states and he's had a great time. Of interest, there's a great noodle stand where you can get lunch for about 4 rmb. I don't know if you can negotiate with the vendors if you don't speak Chinese (luckily my son does).

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Love it. It is Zhijiang campus of Zhejiang University. Compared its other campus, it is more quite and of nature beauty, located in the hill. And especially its library, the half-way down the hill!!!

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