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Attraction Yeliudizhi Park No. 167-1, Gangdong Rd, Wanli District New Taipei City, Taiwan 207 Published on: 13-11-2015

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Yehliu (Chinese: 野柳; pinyin: Yěliǔ) is a cape on the north coast of Taiwan in the town of Wanli between Taipei and Keelung. A distinctive feature of the cap

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Why Yehliu GeoPark is special ?

Yeliu is a cape of about 1,700 meters long formed by Datun Mountain reaching into the sea. When overlooked from above, the place is like a giant turtle submerging into the sea. Thus, it is also called "Yeliu Turtle". Because the rock layer of seashore contains sandstone of limestone texture and it is subject to sea erosion, weathering and earth movements, there is particular scenery consisting of sea trenches/holes, candle shaped rocks, and pot shaped rocks.

The place is divided into three sections. The first section has rocks like Queen's Head, Fairy's Shoe and Candle. The second section has rocks like Bean Curd, Dragon Head. The third section has sea-eroded caves, seal shaped rock, etc.


What to explore at Yehliu GeoPark?

The place is suitable for geological study and field research. In addition, there is a statue of Lin Tien Jane in commemoration of the person's bravery of scarifying own live for saving others. The monument describes in details the touching story. There is a marine world in Yeliu.

The marine world is the first marine center in the country for exhibition of ocean evolution. It has the best sightseeing tunnel under sea, showing about 200 rare fish species and marine lives. The area of marine live specimen demonstrates many specimens of precious marine mammals and fish. It is very educational. There are excellent shows of whales, dolphins and seals, such as diving, ballet on water and other talent shows. There is a stadium with 3,500 seats. On holidays, the place attracts many visitors for the show. When you visit Yeliu, don't forget to visit sea world and feel the marine wanders.


How to get to Yehliu GeoPark?

Located along the north coast, Yehliu Park is a bit remote, but well worth the effort to visit.

By Long Distance Bus:

From Taipei West Bus Station - Terminal A (located at Taipei Main Station), go to the KuoKuang (國光) window and purchase a ticket for NT$96 to Yehliu Geopark (野柳地質公園). The journey takes around 90 minutes, and the bus will drop you on the main road just outside the park entrance. Walk down the lane on the left side to enter.

By North Coast Shuttle Bus (from Tamsui or Keelung):

Take the North Coast Shuttle Bus NT$200 all day unlimited rides from either MRT Tamsui Station or Keelung Railway Station.


Selling points

  • “Amazing Geological Experience”
  • “Natural formations”
  • “Uniquely shaped stone by the sea"
  • “Memorable treasure hunt”
  • “Amazing Attraction, Easy Access”
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Yeliudizhi Park No. 167-1, Gangdong Rd, Wanli District New Taipei City, Taiwan 207

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Tips for you

  • 1. THSR Taipei Station (or TRA Taipei Station) → Kuo-kuang Bus (bound for Jinshan Youth Activity Center) to Yeliu stop. 2. TRA Keelung Station → Keelung Bus (bound for Jinshan) to Yeliu stop.
  • Do not forget to bring your camera.
    What to bring
  • Many tourists like to include Yehliu, Ruifang, Jiufen, and Keelung as part of a one day trip to the northeast coast. A nice itinerary is to first travel from Taipei to Yehliu, Ruifang, Jiufen and Jinguashi, then spend the evening in Keelung visiting Miaokou Night Market before taking the train back to Taipei City.
  • Located nearby, Yehliu Ocean World offers visitors the chance to observe marine life in an undersea glass tunnel, as well as fun dolphin and sea lion performances, making this a popular family destination.
  • Tickets can be purchased until 18:00 for extended visiting hours on May to September
  • If you are hungry, thirsty or wan to buy local products, do visit the sheltered food outlets outside the park.
  • The stone and wood walkways are often wet from the waves or rain and can be slippery, so please watch your step.
  • After your visit to Yehliu, before heading back to Taipei City, you may want to visit nearby Keelung and its renowned Miaokou Night Market (廟口夜市) for nice fresh seafood dinner and some shopping!
    Things nearby
  • Make sure you go to the market next door and buy some coconut water after your time there!!
    Things nearby
  • Please do not touch any of the eroded rock forms (especially the Queen's Head) and always stay behind the painted boundary lines.
    What to know


TripAdvisor View more

Yeh Liu Geo Park is a great experience. There is lots of shade, a nice path, and lots of Geo Formations to observe. It was a great environment that you could just tour by yourself, or with a group. You can take as much or as little time as you want. At the end of the path, near the Queens head formation (WHICH IS AMAZING) there is a small mountain with stairs going all the way up. When you get to the top you have a beautiful view over the whole park. Overall the park was a great experience. Make sure you go to the market next door and buy some coconut water after your time there!!

FourSquare View more

Tourists everywhere! I took a bus called 'Taiwan Hao Xing' with two hours from tansui mrt station to this Yehliu geopark. Better buy a tourist card if you wish to visit Tansui. 200NTD for a day

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The paths through the wind carved sandstone formations were very accessible and the various attractions along the way were beautiful.

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A beautiful view of nature and it's worth a visit.Very easy to visit using a bus or train, but we prefer using a direct busFrom Taipei main station using bus 1815 direct to Yehliu cost NTD 97 for 1.5hoursLet the driver know that you want to visit Yeh Liu, and he will let you know where to stop. After arrived on the bus stop just cross the road and follow the blue path, walk about 15min.Yehliu entrance fee NTD50 for adult and NTD25 for a childThe best time to visit Yeh Liu is in the morning, so you will have enough time to visit Jiufen, jiufen is a very recommended place to visit, it's a market full of local product, handcraft and a tons of delicious local foods.The easiest way from Yeh Liu to visit Jiu fen using bus:Yehliu - Keelung use bus no. 970 (45min)Keelung - Jiufen bus no.788 (45min)And there is a direct bus from Jiufen to TaipeiJiufen - Taipei bus no.1062 (1.20min)

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Even before arriving at the park, our driver stopped by the sea and there were plenty of amazing rock formations to see already. But when we enter the place, we were taken away with the many more rock formations in the park. It is interesting to see how they could name each rock and give it an identity, and the Queen's head is the highlight, where everyone would queue a long way just to have a picture taken with it. If you like nature, you will enjoy this place as much as I do. If all the rocks seem just like any rocks, then you will find it boring to look at a whole yellowish landscape with rocks forming out from the ground. The place is very nice especially when you see it from the top as well. When you are out from the park, you will be led to a whole row of shops selling food and souvenirs as well. Seems like a lot of fresh sea food there as well. Have a try, you may like it, especially the famous oysters from Taiwan.

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Unique stone formation is the trade mark of this geo-park. The climate has formed these rocks for years, there's one like cleopatra's head, one like a flipflop, the other is like a panter, and so on and so on...some depends of your imagination. The good thing about this geo park is its cleanliness...hardly see any rubbish there and also down the super calm sea, on the crystal clear water ..not even a bottle/plastic bag. Children will like to play in the clean water. The only downside is : it's too crowded, packed with both locals and foreign tourists. You have to queue (a long one we had) to take photo on 'cleopatra'. After visiting this geo park, go out and have meals at one of seafood restaurant there..they have good food and fair price. Tips: bring your umbrella and drinking water, it's crazy hot. Wear anti-slip sandals/shoes.

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