Yakcheonsa Temple

Attraction 293-28, Ieodo-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do Published on: 13-11-2015

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Yakcheonsa Temple, located in Daepo-dong, Seogwipo-si in Jeju Island, has a temple stay program offering an opportunity to look back on your life and experience traditional Buddhist culture.

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Why Yakcheonsa Temple is special ?

Yakcheonsa Temple “약천사” is a famous Buddhist Temple sprawled out over an area of 122,100 square meters (1,314,274 square feet) and is located in Jeju, Korea, a small Korean island south of mainland Korea. Even though the temple is fairly new, having been built in 1981 by Buddhist monk Hae-In “해인스님”, it has the distinction of having the largest Buddhist prayer hall and main temple in all of Asia measuring in at 3305 square meters (35,575 square feet) with a height of 30 meters (98.5 feet). It is also famous for housing, 80,000 Buddhas, or in this case miniature gold Buddha statues all located on the second floor encased in glass.

Source: https://hamatama.wordpress.com/

What to explore at Yakcheonsa Temple?

Visitors to Yakcheonsa will have plenty to explore. The main temple has multiple floors and balconies that overlook a beautiful three-meter-tall Buddha, contained in a large prayer hall. The main temple is filled with murals of Buddhist legends. Additionally there are several smaller buildings. The hall of the 500 Arahan is a smaller building near the temple’s main gate, filled with statues of 500 Buddhist disciples; each depicting the disciple's unique personality. It also houses a slightly smaller statue of Buddha surrounded by lotus flowers under a pair of intricately carved, protective dragons. A quick walk up a small hill to the left of the hall will lead visitors to the hall of the Three Sages, a one room sanctuary decorated with candles and prayer mats.

Yakcheonsa is open for temple stays and there are temple tours available. Temple stays are offered every first and third weekend; a longer three-day traditional culture program is offered every forth Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The temple also offers a Temple Life program, which takes place over two hours and is great for those with busier schedules.

Source: http://www.jejuweekly.com/

How to get to Yakcheonsa Temple?

- From Jeju airport (Using limousine airport bus) :

Jeju airport ~ Yakchunsa : Distance :46km,60 mins, fee :3900won ($3.5), departing point :Yakchunsa

Airport limousine at the airport exit.

From the Jeju International Airport (Bus Stop 1), take Bus 600. Bus comes every 20 minutes

Get off at the Yakchunsa Temple bus stop and walk 300m to the temple.

- From Jeju airport(By car):

Pyonghwaro -> Jungmun tourism complex -> the sign ‘Yakchunsa’

5 minutes from Jungmun tourism complex convention center

- From Jeju bus terminal(By Jungmun express bus):

Jeju ~ Jungmun: Distance: 48 km, 1 hour 20 mins, fee:3300 won ($3), departing point: Jungmun downtown of Jungmun high school

- From Sogwipo:

> Use intra-city or inter-city bus to Jungmun

> Get off at Jungmun high school, walk 50m along the bus direction (to Jungmun), cross the road, and walk to Yakchunsa (5 minute-walk, 500m)

- Jungmun (From tourism complex)

* When using inter-city or intra-city bus, drop at Jungmun high school and it will take 5 minute walk to Yakchunsa.

> From downtown Jungmun->10 minutes by taxi(Fee: about 5,000 won)

> Jungmun tourism complex (Yeomiji, Lotte hotel, Silla hotel) -> 5 minutes by taxi (Fee: about 5,000 won)

Source: http://english.yakchunsa.org/

Selling points

  • Amazing Buddhist temples~!
  • Much more impressive than expected
  • Inspiring in its beauty
  • One of Asia's largest Buddhist temples
  • Gorgeous views, worth a visit!
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293-28, Ieodo-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

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Tips for you

  • There are cafeteria, library and restrooms available in this temple
  • The temple is located on the south western coast of Jeju Island, surrounded by other tourist hot spots, it’s an easy enough place to stop for a few pictures and a quiet respite.
  • You should drink the water from the water fountain before you leave the temple because the water there is refreshingly sweet.
    Things to do
  • You should walk up to the second floor where you will see countless mini gold Buddha in different poses on the wall to your left and you can enjoy the view of the main hall and the main Buddha from high up.


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“Stunning Buddist Temple with multiple floors to visit....” Sitting prominently on a hillside, there is no missing this huge Temple and it is one of the largest in the East. There is a bit of steep walk from the carpark to the Temple complex and we rewarded ourselves with a drink from the spring well on one side of the grounds. Consisting of a main hall with a Deities, sculptured side walls of Buddha, a large bell, a separate Pagoda, Monks quarters and three or four floors upstairs that can be accessed by visitors. These floors have many donations of precious metal statues and from up here there are excellent views of the main hall. It is prudent not to use the main entry into the big hall, as there are clear warnings in many languages not to so out of respect. Also shoes must be taken off before using the side entries on either side of the main doors. A group of hapless visitors ignored these signs and were promptly told off and hustled out to use the side doors. Money donations are accepted either for the upkeep of the Temple or for incense and candles. While we were there we had three or four Monks chanting and offering up to Buddha and it was very serene to hear it from upstairs while overlooking the main hall. The grounds are well maintained with a couple of restrooms around the complex, a cafeteria and Temple stays are available too. Enjoy your visit!

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Wonderful place, facing the sea, full of green, fresh air, few people, and quiet

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