Xuan Thieu Beach

Attraction Hoa Hiep, Lien Chieu, Da Nang, Vietnam Published on: 04-11-2016

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Xuan Thieu Beach, also known as a “Red Beach”, is famous for its clean and beautiful white sand, as well as the clear blue sea.

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Why Xuan Thieu Beach is special ?

Located in Lien Chieu District, Danang and far 3km from Nam O Beach to the south, Xuan Thieu Beach, also known as a "Red Beach", is famous for its clean and beautiful white sand, as well as the clear blue sea. Visiting the beach at sunrise or sunset, you will understand the meaning of the beach. Sunlight reflecting from the water gives the entire beach a red color. Far from the city center, Xuan Thieu Beach remains its pristine beauty, almost no impacts from people.

Historical Xuan Thieu Beach

Xuan Thieu beach is associated with a historical event on March 3, 1965, when the brigade 9 of the U.S. marine forces landed in the city to start the local war strategy. Before 1975, it was under the control of the American army, being the military area with the city defence system to the north. To many people, the beach is the ideal place for enjoying the natural beauty as well as take fresh air.

Source: http://dulichdanang.vn/

What to explore at Xuan Thieu Beach?

Walking along the beach and enjoying the sea breeze, watching the majestic Son Tra Peninsula and marvelous Hai Van Pass are interesting experiences. Besides, this is the place where sea and sky cross.

This beach is more sloping but less salty than others. Tourists should be careful to play sea-sport here.

Since 1992, Xuan Thieu Eco-tourism has opened with many services such as restaurants, resorts, entertainments to meet the travellers’ demands. The restaurant Red Beach serve seafood and specialities at a reasonable price and other convenient services (spa, swimming pool) satisfy the tourist.

Tourists also can take their great pleasure of playing funny sea-sports such as soccers, volleyball or motorboat and so on.

The picturesque sunset at Red Beach amazes all of the people. The sky turns red and the orange. The cloud is compared with the candy floss. The sky is the picture of strong colors. The sun seems to be sunken into the sea, creating the stunning sight.

The road 15km in length from Thuan Phuoc Bridge to the foot of Hai Van Pass including Xuan Thieu Beach is the new opportunity to discover the tourism potential of this place.

Source: http://dulichdanang.vn/

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Hoa Hiep, Lien Chieu, Da Nang, Vietnam

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