Xuan Huong Lake

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Xuan Huong Lake is a famous tourist attraction in Dalat. Situated in the center of Dalat city, it is an artificial lake with approximately 5 km2 circumference.

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Why Xuan Huong Lake is special ?

Xuan Huong Lake lies charmingly at the very heart of Dalat City, surrounded by Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Tran Quoc Toan, Le Dai Hanh and Yersin St. Used to be the site in which many indigenous people of Langbian highland inhabited, this man-made lake is nowadays the most beautiful lake of Dalat, giving the city an invaluable gift of having a lake right in the center.

The history of Xuan Huong Lake distinguishes it as one of the most special lakes in Vietnam. In the past, there was no lake where we see Xuan Huong Lake today. In 1919 and 1923, two dams were formed on a branch of Cam Ly River to create two small lakes. Unfortunately, during a severe storm in 1932, both dams were destroyed. Between 1934 and 1935, a larger dam was built of boulders below the sites of the two previous dams to create one large lake. At that time, the French named it Grand Lac (large lake), but in 1953 it was renamed Xuan Huong Lake to express the people’s appreciation to the famous Vietnamese female poet in the 19th century who has the same name. The lake has gone through several constructions. There would be time when it's not full of water (very unlucky if you drop in the city by then, though)

Source: http://www.vietnamonline.com/

What to explore at Xuan Huong Lake?

The crescent-moon-shaped lake covered an area of nearly 43 ha, stretching through several other attractions such as the Dalat Flower Park and Cu Hill. The surface of the lake is as smooth as a mirror reflecting the romantic scenery of Dalat with pine forests, meadows and gardens. Nowadays, visitors can not only enjoy strolling along the lakeside but also resting under the conifers, pedal-boating on the lake while admiring the spectacular architecture of Thuy Ta Pavilion. Try the elegant swan boat ride, it's the best way to discover the beauty of the lake. Having a cup of coffee overlooking the lake is another suggestion. As a major attraction of Dalat, the lake is a place for people from both inside and outside the city to meet, talk and fall in love. Thus, you don’t need to be on honeymoon to visit this wonderful place (even though honeymooners do it all the time), just come and let the beauty of Xuan Huong Lake inspire you.

Source: http://www.vietnamonline.com/

How to get to Xuan Huong Lake?

It's easy getting there on foot if you stay in the surrounding area. It's also recommended to rent a tandem bike (about VND 20,000/h) to wander around the lake.

Source: http://www.vietnamonline.com/

Selling points

  • Xuan Huong Lake is sooo nice at night
  • Peaceful Walk
  • Man made lake, in the center of the city
  • A gem in the hills
  • Perfect for an hours easy walk
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Tips for you

  • You can also past by some street hawkers selling warm potatoes and corn.
    What to buy
  • The lake is large enough to give you a nice view with the green water and lots of pine trees.
    What to see
  • You can stop at Bich Cau cafe at the top end. It's a perfect halfway stop for an ice coffee.
    Things to do
  • Paddling in swan boats and cycling is available to those interested.
    Things to do
  • The city night market is next to it, so you can buy a cup of warm soya and some food and snuggle up when the temperature starts to dip.
    Things to do
  • There are some very nice restaurants on the foreshore and at night it is wonderful with all the lights on the water.
  • The view from the lake back toward the mountains is also pleasant (including the pseudo Eiffel tower communications tower).


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Surprisingly clean water and lovely to walk around; one of the few calm spots in this motor bike obsessed town, that is generally pedestrian unfriendly. The waterside restaurant mentioned in other reviews, is owned and operated by the large hotel opposite and as such, the prices are twice what you shall pay elsewhere, but the place is a clean respite in a pretty hectic place. Government figures show that there are nearly 39 million registered motor bikes in Vietnam. one for every 3 civilians incl, elderly and children [ of which there are many] and I reckon that Dalat has it,s fair share and all of them are parked on the footpath. Remember when out and about, that persons on foot have absolutely no rights whatsoever in this country.

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Xuan Huong lake, center of town. Open daily, all hours. No admission fee but rental fees vary if you want to boat. Now, Xuan Huong lake is one of the main draws of Da Lat,

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