Xitou Nature Education Area

Attraction Senlin Lane 9, Luhu Township, Nantou, Taiwan Published on: 02-11-2016

2 hours
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
02:00 PM
04:00 PM
First-time visit
6.31 USD

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Xitou Nature Education Area, also known as Xitou Forest Recreation Area, is one of Taiwan’s most noted attractions in Nantou County along with Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing Farm.

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How to get to Xitou Nature Education Area?


Take the THSR to Taichung Station and transfer to the bus.

Train & Bus:

Take the train to Taichung Railway Station, continue by Taichung Bus (torward Shanlinxi) to Xitou stop.

Take the train to Taichung Railway Station, continue by Yuanlin Bus (torward Shanlinxi) to Xitou stop.

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Senlin Lane 9, Luhu Township, Nantou, Taiwan

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once you are there, you would feel very comfortable and relaxing! the air is so fresh. People said there are "negative ion" inside. you better spare for at least 2 hours to stay inside. If you buy tickets from Ming san resort, you would get some discount. I think it is better to walk there earlier. I feel a bit dangerous to be inside at night.

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Pretty much everything in Xitou is beautiful. There is plenty of information out there about the Nature Education Park's various attractions, but not all of them get the same attention as others. My favorite part of the park ended up being a particular path that hadn't been on our list of must-sees before going, but in the end was probably the thing my friends and I all enjoyed the most. Take the 神木步道 (Giant/Divine Tree path) from the giant tree to the bamboo cottage for a peaceful, beautifully bamboo-and-tree lined experience. The walk is pretty easy, so you can focus on the calm and magnificence of the nature around you. Even on a long weekend, there weren't many tourists and we were able to enjoy a quiet, relaxed hike by ourselves.

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