Xingtian Temple

Attraction No. 109, Section 2, Minquan E Rd, 中山區 台北市 Taiwan 104 Published on: 13-11-2015

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Xingtian Temple is the most-visited temple in northern Taiwan, attracting upwards of 10,000 people a day. Situated in the heart of Taipei, the temple is unique in t

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Why Xingtian Temple is special ?

Located in Taipei City, Xingtian Temple is one of the most popular temples in Taiwan. The temple advocates in building a harmonic society from the philosophies of Confucian and Buddhist. The population of visitors sometimes exceeds more than twenty-thousand people a day. The reasons for its popularity are due to its beliefs in creating a harmonic society, thus establishing public goods to the communities. Furthermore, Xingtian Temple locates at an ideal location, in the center of Taipei City, offering convenience to all visitors. To welcome the large population of worshippers, the temple occupies a total area of seven thousand square meters.


What to explore at Xingtian Temple?

In front of the hall is a censer with a somewhat unusual design, its two handles in the shape of flying dragons and its four sides adorned with dragons’ heads stretching toward the sky. The courtyard of the temple is usually busy, with crowds of worshippers bowing their heads or kneeling in devotion.

On the main altar you will see offerings of only fresh flowers and tea, since the temple forbids the killing of offering of animals. The temple also discourages the burning of ritual paper money as an offering to the deities and the spirits of the deceased, the staging of operas for the gods, the presenting of gold medallions in gratitude to the deities, and the like. The temple supplies free candles, and there is no donation box-a first for traditional religion in Taiwan!

Many believers feel that this is a very efficacious temple, and it is frequently thronged with people praying for help and seeking divine guidance by consulting oracle blocks. Even the pedestrian underpass outside the temple is filled with fortune-tellers and vendors who take commercial advantage of the temple's popularity.


How to get to Xingtian Temple?

By Bus:

1. Take bus route 5, 33, 49, 63, 72, 74, 214, 222, 225, 283, 285, 286, 505, 617 to Xingtian Temple Stop(捷運行天宮站).


1. Take MRT to Xingtian Temple Station(捷運行天宮站) directly.

By Car:

1. National Highway No.1(國道一號), exit Yuanshan offramp(圓山交流道) to Songjiang Rd(松江路), drive along Songjian Rd(松江路) to Minchuan East Rd(民權東路) to reach temple.


Selling points

  • “Well maitained, clean and thriving temple”
  • “A mark of Chinese culture”
  • “A solemn temple to visit”
  • “Fascinating Taiwanese culture”
  • “Famous temple”
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No. 109, Section 2, Minquan E Rd, 中山區 台北市 Taiwan 104

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Tips for you

  • For non- taoists/buddhists, over here you can see how the followers pay respect and pray to the deities.
    What to see
  • For veggies, there is a vegetarian food stall next to the temple with good dishes and very low prices and free miso soup.
  • Photos can be taken of course but be respectful.
  • There are also no donation boxes or opera performances, and no commercial activity is allowed.
  • There are so many tourists on weekends, avoid weekend if you mind the crowd
  • Do not miss the Xiahai City God temple at the south end of Dihua.
    Things nearby


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This temple was only a 5 minute walk from my hotel so I decided to pay it a visit. Having lived in China for 6 years I had visited many temples so had pre-conceived idea of what to expect. In fact this temple was very clean, well ordered and thriving which was a pleasant surprise. This coupled with the fact that they were giving away China New Year posters to all visitors made the trip worthwhile. My previous visits to temples gave me the impression that everyone was begging for money and foreigners were pestered – this was not the case here. Well worth a visit.

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I had a nice feeling to be one with the Taiwanese people amidst the hustle & bustle of the city to prey and give "Thanks". I have always include a place of prayer in most of my trips.Pray to thank and for protection, be it with my own religion or not.

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Heard it was a very popular temple located in the middle of the city, paid a visit, took some photos and left. Not much of unique identify as compared to Long Shan Temple. Nonetheless, it's always packed with faithful and religious locals and tourist alike

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I had a nice feeling to be one with the Taiwanese people amidst the hustle & bustle of the city to prey and give

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