Ximending (Red House Theatre)

Attraction Ximending (Red House Theatre), No. 10, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District 台北市 Taiwan 108 Published on: 29-01-2016

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The Red House Ximending is creatively designed by Kondo Juro with an extinctive architectural design that features an octagonal- 8 trigrams (Bagua) building and a

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Why Ximending (Red House Theatre) is special ?

Ximending's most iconic building was built in 1908 to serve as Taipei's first public market. These days it's a multifunctional cultural centre with regular live performances and exhibitions. There's an artist and designer weekend market in the north square (2pm to 9.30pm Saturday and Sunday) and 16 studios selling the works of local designers (2pm to 9.30pm Tuesday to Sunday) behind the main entrance.

In the Japanese era, the Red House came to symbolise the bustling commercialism of the Ximending district. Post-WWII it was an opera house, performance theatre, movie theatre and, finally, derelict building. These days it's once again the centrepiece of the district. Riverside Live House is at the back of the complex, and in the south court are a dozen or so restaurants and bars, many catering to the city's gay crowd

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What to explore at Ximending (Red House Theatre)?

The Red Theatre was redesigned into a whole new 'people magnet'. The newly furnished first floor contains a shopping ground, creative arts showroom, and a Paperwindmill Cafe. Here you can enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience with a drop of artistic essence and cuppucino. On the 2nd floor, an entire room had been developed into an assembly hall. With mobile chairs and tables, the red interior has a spacious capacity that can house up to 200 people. Along with 5 x 7 metre square of performance stage and the latest technical equipment, the Red Theatre offers renting service to the public who wishes to hold parties, organisational events, or even shows.

Source: http://www.travelking.com.tw/

How to get to Ximending (Red House Theatre)?

By Taipei MRT:

Take Taipei MRT-Bannan Blue Line (捷運板南-藍線) to MRT Ximen Station (捷運西門站). Red House Ximending (西門紅樓) is about one minute walk from exit no.1 of MRT Ximen Station (捷運西門站).

By Bus:

1. Take bus no. 9, 12, 49, 202, 205, 206, 212, 218, 223, 231, 234, 242, 246, 249, 250, 252, 253, 260, 262, 263, 265, 302, 204, 207, 310, 527, 601, 604, 624, 628, 651, 652, 660, 667, 701, 702, 703 or 705 to MRT Ximen Station stop (捷運西門站).

2. Take bus no. 62, 229, 231, 234, 242, 264 or 310 Sub line (310副) to Ximen Elementary School (西門國小).

3. Take bus no. 18, 221, 232, 235, 257, 513, 621, 635, 540, 659, 663 or Blue 2 to Ximen Market stop (西門市場站).

Source: http://www.travelking.com.tw/

Selling points

  • “Symbolic Building of the past in Ximending”
  • “A historical building”
  • “Sentimentally historical spot to get rest”
  • “Nice little place of modern culture”
  • “Wonderful craft stores!”
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Ximending (Red House Theatre), No. 10, Chengdu Road, Wanhua District 台北市 Taiwan 108

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Tips for you

  • There are some locally branded shops, boutique-like facade. Credit cards are widely accepted.
  • Inside the Red House is a small gift shop with a lot of unique products.
  • Make sure to explore to the smallest alley, there're many foods worth to try.
  • It's easy to get around and easy to call for taxi to other place.
  • It closes on Monday
  • Friday evening is a good time to check it out as there are stalls selling goods locally design & produced set up outside the Red house.
  • It's very crowded on the weekend.
  • Its just a walking distance away from Ximen Station
    Things nearby
  • The Ximen red house is located right across the street if you exit for exit 6, it just an old piece of architecture standing in a modernist street.


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We didn't check the area out during the day, but multiple sites on Google identified it as a great gay hangout at night. So we went! And they weren't wrong! Easy to get to by cab or by metro. One long row gay bar after gay bar with a couple lesbian bars in between. On our first night, we hung out at Man Bar, the first one you come upon when walking into the area. Great drinks, extremely friendly staff and nice ambience. If you go, say hi to Richard! The Bear Bar also looked fun, but we didn't make it there. Our second time there, we hung out at Man Bar again but also walked upstairs to Commander, a tiny S&M/Leather/Fetish bar. It's really just a small room with a patio, but lots of friendly locals and good drinks. Participation in S&M/Leather/Fetishes not required! We didn't hit any of the clubs in Taipei, but Ximen Red House is a great, safe, comfortable and laid back area to grab some drinks, meet some locals and have some fun. People are super friendly and most have studied English in high school and/or college. Language barriers are still there, but possibly more surmountable than other places in the city. Hours are flexible. They have a standard closing time but will stay open later if there is business.

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ximending is a very trendy place... saw a lot of latest fashion and a lot of youngster there too... really like the fashion there...

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It's definitely a shopping arena for the younger crowd. Lots of shops and F & B outlets. Time flies when you're walking and taking in the area so be prepared to spend at least 4-5 hours walking and taking it in. There are some locally branded shops, boutique-like facade, which has fashion and design that would give the higher brands a run for their money. The MRT station is Ximen. Credit cards are widely accepted.

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One of my fav spot whenever I'm in Taipei. Friday evening is a good time to check it out as there are stalls selling goods locally design & produced set up outside the Red house.

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It's wonderful when you see the artistry, and not the commercialism, in what you buy in this venue. It's a great feeling when you know you have supported emerging young local entrepreneurs.

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