Wulai Atayal Museum

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The Wulai Atayal Museum is a museum about local aboriginal culture in Wulai District, New Taipei, Taiwan. ArchitectureThe museum is a four-story building.

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Why Wulai Atayal Museum is special ?

The Wulai Atayal Museum is a museum about local aboriginal culture in Wulai District, New Taipei, Taiwan. ArchitectureThe museum is a four-story building. ExhibitionThe museum displays the history, customs, culture, rituals and festivals of the Atayal aboriginal tribe.

The Atayal are the third largest aboriginal tribe in Taiwan, and form a big presence in Wulai (part of their traditional territory). Inside the museum are replicas of traditional bamboo and wood houses, and informative displays on hunting, farming, religious beliefs, musical instruments, facial tattooing, and head hunting

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What to explore at Wulai Atayal Museum?

With its scenic beauty and diverse cultural charms, Wulai District offers a perfect rustic retreat close to Taipei City. Visitors can explore the indigenous culture and history of Wulai at the Wulai Atayal Museum of New Taipei City, situated at the entrance to the Wulai shopping area. The four-story museum presents displays on the history, culture, customs, religious faith, rituals and festivals of the Atayal people as well as the natural ecology of the Wulai area.

Mountain peaks, valleys, waterfalls, hot springs, old-growth forests, and other natural attractions create a perfect setting for a scenic excursion, fitness walks, spring soak and cherry blossom watching. Visitors can also feast on the local indigenous cuisine; experience the living traditions of the Atayal people through tribal festivals.

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  • Interesting cultural dance program
  • Well worth your time
  • What a great surprise
  • A haven of peace
  • Wonderful Place to Visit
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Wulai Atayal Museum

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“Interesting cultural dance program” The museum itself isn't all that compelling. It mostly sells stuff that relates to the local culture, and perhaps is made by locals. It does have some artifacts and information about the history and life of the Atayi people. If you are seeing the waterfall, then stop by. However, what you really need to plan for is to watch the "Gaga" show. At first I thought it was pretty corny, and it seemed not particularly "traditional." It has clearly been produced and created for modern audiences. The music is loud and in no way conveys a feeling of yesteryear. But it is catchy. Soon they get audience members involved. Apparently I was selected to be a bride, and I was hoisted up above everyone else on a chair in a ceremony remarkably similar to a Jewish wedding. By the end, we're all up on the stage dancing, adorned with some sort of costume, and participating in a recognition of the culture. There is an obligatory picture to purchase--not too expensive and helpful for the museum and the actors. Again, I was dubious at first, but by the end (after the marriage--I still don't know who my husband is!) I enjoyed myself and learned a bit about the history and culture of the Atayal people. If I understand correctly, the show is at 3 pm (maybe more times, but I'm not sure). I did this as part of a tour of the area, see the waterfall, and learn more about the indigenous peoples of Taiwan.

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