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Attraction White Beach Path Malay Aklan Philippin Published on: 13-11-2015

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White Beach Path runs parallel to the well-known beautiful White Beach. It's also the center of most tourist businesses in Boracay.

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Why White Beach Path is special ?

White Beach Path runs alongside White Beach, starting from Boat Station 1 and terminating by Lorenzo South. Most of the island's business' are concentrated on this strip. The path divides into uptown, midtown and downtown, with the quiet, uptown neighborhood around boat station 1 and the less salubrious and somewhat rowdy vicinity of boat station 3 as downtown. This unpaved footpath affords the observer a fascinating panoply of beach life. It is where every visitor to Boracay inevitably ends up.

What to explore at White Beach Path?

Walking here is like walking on powder! You don't even need flip flops! The beach is so clean and peaceful that you don't want to leave.

What's more, it is surprisingly stunning when you take a nigh stroll along the beach, look up the sky with all the stars and listen to the sounds of the ocean as your background music.

Selling points

  • Beautiful at night
  • For break time
  • It's peaceful and quiet
  • Good for couples.
  • It seems as your own path.
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White Beach Path Malay Aklan Philippin

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Tips for you

  • Pay attention to your personal belongings if you go at night
    Personal belongings
  • You should bring a cardigan if you strolls at night for it get colder.
    What to wear
  • There are some shopping places to explore around the path
  • It's better to not go to this place at late night
  • Look for some restaurants and bars around to have a relaxing break.
    Things nearby


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The white beach path is where all the action is. It runs between all the stations and is filled with restaurants, bars, shops and hawkers selling everything that you can think of.

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